I somehow thought last episode this show could never get better or manage to sell me on Hilda. I was wrong, this episode is probably the best yet. I hope I can keep saying that. This episode was a beach episode and by all accounts the best parts were short, but hot fucking damn, this episode just kicked off everything fun. Most of the episode features a mysteriously silent Hilda and an Ange distracted by turmoil. Sylvia is in danger, how can she act as if everything is normal here?

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There is a happy fun event for the Norma’s today- the Festa. This is the one day a year Norma are allowed to do fun and happy things, and the one thing that helps them keep going when they’re sad. What’s funny about this is I have no doubt a lot of the older Norma don’t feel that way at all and are more than likely feeling like it’s a diversion from the truth. Who it really helps are the young recruits who get to have a happy moment in their otherwise bleak futures.

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Meanwhile one of the nobles from another kingdom, Misty, has come in search of Ange. She was her opponent in the first episode of Iaria. This serves as an important plot point but don’t get your hopes up, Misty is largely useless and annoying. Ange actually runs away from everyone in order to escape Misty’s search for her. It’s funny watching Ange run away when a few episodes ago she’d find it to be completely welcoming to have her there.

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Meanwhile Hilda is acting weird and everyone is noticing. While most of the Norma are genuinely enjoying their time it seems Hilda and Ange are not. Ange suddenly knocks out all of Misty’s guards and goes to see her, and bluntly tells her she is in fact a Norma and now wants a favor: to help her escape.

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Yes, everyone, Ange now wants to escape for better reasons. Why? We learn from flashbacks Sylvia is actually crippled because of a horseback riding incident with Ange. Because of this she can’t allow Sylvia to be abused and must protect her from allthe harm coming to her. But as she is abducting Misty to escape, she runs into Hilda, who has kidnapped Momoka in order to do the same thing.

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Hilda and Ange actually have a really epic moment together, they agree to work together but Ange almost screws her over. Who can blame her, she deserves it? But as she is barely making it she mentions her mother and how she must return to her, and they finally fucking come to terms. Yes ladies and gentlemen, after all these episodes even Hilda is redeemed. She slept with Zola and was a colossal bitch only to be with her mother again. Okay, this show can redeem anyone. I now love Hilda.

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Jill and Emma see them getting away, and Jill says it’s time to call ‘the boy’. Ange and Hilda make it to where they’re going and split ways. . . Hilda to her mother. . .and Ange to go save her sister. HOLY FUCK. I HAVE TO SEE WHERE THIS IS GOING. THE PREVIEW LOOKS SO SAD. THIS SHOW IS SO GOOD NOW. IT WAS SO WORTH THIS PAYOFF!!!

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  1. Eva

    I loved this episode, they managed to show us that yes, plot + fanservice + character redemption can all happen in one episode. And it really paid off. Excited for next week’s episode! It keeps on getting better and better, and I hope it continues that way!

    I feel like Hilda is about to walk into a witch hunt, and she is the one who is about to be hunted.
    Or her beloved mother might be dead…

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