Happiness Charge Precure! Episode 41

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I… I…. I feel like I should have expected that, yet I am SO… (I don’t think ‘disappointed’ is the right word), but flabbergast that Phantom was actually Mirage’s Fairy, and his true name is Phan-Phan. But you know what, whatever. The show is almost over- I will just suck it up. (Needless to say I think we are ALL going to miss the Phantom we have grown fond of other the course of the series). Phantom’s wish was to see Mirage smile again, but his wish has been corrupted by the Dark Mirror and became obsessed with doing whatever it takes to make Mirage happy, even if it meant spreading misfortune around the world. It was sad though, because Phantom was trying so hard, he was so heartbroken and especially upset with Blue. Although the Dark Mirror is the main villain, Blue did contribute to Mirage’s heartbreak. I found the fight between him and Yuuko quite special and touching. It wasn’t romantic as I would usually perceive it as. It was just heartwarming and bittersweet because Yuuko was responding so strongly. I also appreciated the fact that we finally got to see Yuuko truly shine. Throughout the entire series, I have always felt that Yuuko was given the third-wheel treatment and never really had the chance to shine in the spotlight. It was always either Iona or Megumi, and during the first half of the series, Hime. Perhaps it was because Yuuko is a mature character to begin with, and there isn’t as much development in store for her as the rest of the girls.
Other than that, nothing else big happened. It certainly felt like a very short episode, a well paced one at that. Next week: Time to save the three generals! By the looks of it, it appears that Megumi will be going off separately with Blue to find Mirage which will take an entire episode while the other three fight one on one against each appointed general. Well, I am certainly looking forward to hearing their back-stories, (especially Hosshiwa since we know little to nothing about her)!


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  1. Wanderer says:

    I… suppose it makes sense, but I did not see that coming.

    • Eva says:

      Awkward moment is when one of your favorite character turns out to be a Precure Fairy all long. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!

  2. chipsiup says:

    I always thought that Phantom was the Seiji-analog. That he would turn out to be Mirage’s childhood friend who would do anything for her.
    But nooooooope. Fairy.
    I guess Yuuko’s one true love is rice after all.

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