Terra Formars Episode 10: I hate cockroaches more than ever

This episode made me so frustrated and upset to the point I wanted to throw my laptop on the ground and crush it. JUST CRUSH IT. AND PRETEND MY LAPTOP WAS ONE OF THOSE DISGUSTING PIECE OF SHIT COCKROACHES.

I just have a lot of questions. Just HOW strong are these cockroaches? How smart are they? How smart are they to know how to revive someone from electrocution, how in the hell did the leader even survive that shock. It was extremely powerful. The entire place was lit up. Just HOW? And how smart are they to come up with different methods of attacking? And the most important question of all, WHY IN THE HELL DID THEY HAVE TO KILL OFF THE BEST CHARACTER IN THIS SHOW? AND WHY IN THAT WAY? I HATE THIS.

tf10.14So I had thought Adolf had died after that blast to the leader. Eva’s crying and holding him, and it turns out that he hadn’t died after all. Made me really happy. The cockroaches stopped what they were doing once they thought their leader had died, but once one of the cockroaches revived the leader roach, orders were placed again for the roaches, all with guns, to shoot Eva and Adolf. Adolf, being the badass that he is, let out one more powerful blast of electricity that created a shield for him and Eva, so they were protected from all the bullets, and the guns ran out. Unfortunately, this made Adolf so extremely exhausted, that he wasn’t able to attack again. And worse comes to worst, the cockroaches get ready to pelt Eva and Adolf with large rocks. Adolf, wanting to protect Eva, held her close to him with his back turned to the roaches. He took all the hits for her, and in the end, that’s what finally killed him. It was brutal. He had both his arms smashed off, it was a bloody terrible mess. This part made me so mad, just so damn mad. Fuck these roaches. I was hoping that Michelle’s division would come and help them out, but they didn’t.

He died, but before he was pelted with the rocks, he had whispered something to Eva. Once the leader comes over to her, Eva angrily yells and cries, while punching, the leader to not take away the man she loved. Y’know, I had a feeling that she had feelings for him, but this episode never mentioned why she did. I really want to know why Eva fell in love with him, but…GRRRRR.

What Adolf told Eva was that he had a bomb implanted onto his body. She pressed his back, and it set off a beeping sound. When the roaches heard it, they all just fucking ran the fuck away. I WISH THEY HAD DIED. They knew it was a bomb, and they ran. As the beeping went on, Eva went back to Adolf’s corpse and held him close. The others, now free from the roaches, with tears in their eyes and smiles on their faces, stayed behind. I wish we had been shown this, but this division had actually had quite a bond with each other. We saw just for a couple seconds they were a close group, and they all definitely looked up to Adolf. In the end, they all stayed, and they all died in the bomb’s explosion.


We then switch to Komachi’s division and see that they’re fending off some roaches, and that’s where the episode ends. I’m so bitter about this. Yeah I thought Adolf and his division died last episode, but this death was much worse. It was like someone was beating me up and the beating wouldn’t stop. Goddamn…I really wanted to see how Adolf and his division were when together in peace. Apparently it was really nice, and they all got along. Also, Eva’s feelings for Adolf. I reaaaally want to know about that. We hadn’t seen much with Eva and Adolf together. All we know about Eva is what we got from the narrator. She’s 18, she came from a millionaire family, but due to some money issues, she was forcibly sold to the U-NASA. She probably grew close to Adolf during that time, and hopefully sometime we’ll get to see how they met. Eva looks like a really sweet girl, and I think Adolf had a liking to her because she was so sweet. I have no idea how old Adolf was, but I bet Eva would be a better match to Adolf than Rosa was. And it’s a coincidence with Adolf and Eva…those two names…in a relationship. I really wouldn’t like to mention someone like Hitler, but his love for his wife was true. Still a monster though. OH YEAH AND ABOUT ROSA, the cheating bitch still had the gall to use his account. God I hate her. Damn…I’m really going to miss Adolf and the rest of his division.


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