First Love Diaries [Mitsuru Sanada Route]

When I first saw Mitsuru in the prologue I did not want to own him. Recently, I bought him on a whim thinking ‘what can it hurt? It might be fun watching him be a jerk’. Ladies and gentlemen, my freaking husband.


This route is my favorite in the game. Freaking stupid amazing megane guy! I had you and your PERFECTION. YOU’RE PERFECTION. /frames Mitsuru’s face/ I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS ROUTE! Normally there is at least one thing boring me about a route that I have to slog through in order to get back to the good stuff. Nope! I love every moment of this smarmy dork bunny loving bastard’s route. I love him so much I can’t stand it! I’m seriously fangirling over here, ugh!


This guy is such a dork, and I do not say that just because he is a study hard type of guy. No, this guy is adorable. He has no idea of love or relationships and is harsh on the concept, but once you get to him he’s just adorbs. I think he wants to hate those things but given he is too young, he doesnt have the experience necessary to just push away a girl he actually likes. One of my favorite scenes is when he forces you to study because ‘his girlfriend has to have a degree of intelligence’ and then he turns around later and is like. . .  “omg. . .see bunnies with me.”


I shit you not! He uses you to get to pet bunnies! He is the most awkwardly amazing thing I’ve ever seen. Not once while playing this route did I feel bored or uninterested. He teases you, taunts you, forces you to study, drags you to places with bunnies, and deep down he is a softy who wants to become a vet. His father disapproves and wants him to inherit the hospital he owns, but he knows only one thing will make him happy.


I will say I feel the main character is a wibbling waifu. Her main existence is to help support him through to his decisions. I will say a lot of games have that, but I don’t know if it’s bad? You do think about your future, you just aren’t sure. I can’t judge Voltage for making their characters act like real people are, few teenagers are sure of what they want. Not to mention that they do usually give women careers and have them think on what they want to do- it is nice to see someone support their love interest and also consider their future because of them.


Mitsuru is such a good route, I hate to explain it all away. He develops a lot from start to finish and his beginning is absolutely adorable. Gah, everything about this dork is completely enthralling. You sleep with him faster than the others, his atmosphere is more sensual and mature, he still maintains his age and develops and grows with you, he is a sweety who loves DOGS AND BUNNIES AND EVERYTHING!!! He makes you study, he is standoffish and so fun to win over. All I can do about this guy is GUSH!


I cannot recommend this route ENOUGH. If you like otome games and sweet romances, Mitsuru will piss you off only to turn your heart into jello. He LOVES PUPPIES! AND BUNNIES! AND YOU, HE REALLY LIKES YOU!


Route comes built in with paternal approval, steamy scenes, heart breaking puppies, and an enormously big dork who loves you.



2 thoughts on “First Love Diaries [Mitsuru Sanada Route]

    1. Aw Nikolita you make me so happy, lol! You’ll be happy to know soon I’m doing a whole slew of otome reviews to promote their Christmas events (It’s Kissed by the baddest bidder) so there’ll be cute boys EVERYWHEREEE!!!!

      I ssoooooo recommend it. Don’t let the asshole exterior fool you, he is such a dork and loves you so much it’s just freaking adorable!

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