S..So…I..I don’t know what Savage was talking about, K..Karma isn’t…absolutely perfect in every way shape or form. He’s not a red haired, snaggle toothed, psycho and I don’t like him…B..Baka!


Alright, my tsundere rant aside let’s sum up the episode the best we can. We begin with gym class and Karasuma drilling them on the basics of assassination. They’re doing knife drills, Koro-sensei is totally jealous of the time Karasuma is spending with the students and how they seem to like him better for a gym teacher. Not that I can say that I blame them, gym’s not an easy class when you have to live up to the expectations of a creature that can go over Mach 20.
Karasuma has two of the students attack him and they get taken down pretty easy, he points out if they can’t even hit him. A human, they have no chance of taking down Koro-sensei.


Karma shows up at the end of gym class, he walks over to Koro-sensei to greet him. He shakes his hand and crushes it. He’d taped tiny bits of the anti-Koro-sensei knife to his hands. T…That’s…so…amaz….I MEAN, Rude, that’s so rude how could he do such a thing to Koro-sensei! What a dirty underhanded trick.
Not at all like the wonderful…er mean, assassination attempt in the class room he pulled by stealing the gelato Koro-sensei brought back from Italy the day before. He stole it from the teachers lounge. As he walked over he stepped on a bunch of the Anti-Koro-sensei bullets.


Karma eggs him on saying that if he didn’t like his tactics, Koro-sensei should kill him or someone else in the class but then nobody would see him as a teacher anymore but only as a monster. He tosses him his test and leaves the classroom.

This episode is the best so far i’d say because it didn’t spend any time really going over the things we already knew, instead character focused around Karma. In the down time before one day to the next, Nagisa and him meet up at the train station and Karma asks him if Koro-sensei gets upset by being called an octopus.  Nagisa says since he uses it as his self-portrait, always plays the octopus in video games and octopus traps himself in the sand box. So he seems to take it as a compliment then a insult.


We also see Kuro-sensei flying through the air trying to figure out how to deal with Karma, so we cut to the next day of school and Koro-sensei comes into the classroom which is pretty bleak. As he goes to ask what’s wrong he notices a dead octopus on his desk. Karma comments that he mistook the octopus for Koro-sensei and killed it on accident, bring it over and he’d take care of it.
Koro-sensei not only brings it over, he grills it up and cooks it with the back end of a rocket into perfect takoyaki and feeds it to Karma since he hasn’t eaten anything. He states that his goal is every time Karma attacks him he will care for him, he will make his mind and body sparkle like no other.


He does nail art on him during math, his hair during english, he gives him a cute apron during home-ec. It’s amazing to watch, the day ends and we see Karma sitting on a tree branch looking out over a cliff. Nagisa comes over to talk to him and tells him that it won’t be possible to kill Koro-sensei now that he’s got him in his sights, they they should all work together as a class.
Karma says that he will be the one to kill him, Kuro-sensei comes over to taunt him and karma asks him a question. “You are a teacher right? and does that mean you’d risk your life for you students?”

As soon as Koro-sensei says yes, Karma jumps backwards off the branch. Leaving Koro-sensei with these options. He could either try to save him at break neck speeds and risk killing Karma in the process or save him at a normal speed and get killed in the process. As he falls, we see his backstory.
He was violent, but smart, so this one teacher over-looked his violent tendencies because of his grades and because he used them to protect people. However, that’s when he made the mistake of defending someone from the E-class. Beating up a student with a promising future and compromising the teachers job. Wow, what a two faced total jackass.
I mean, don’t get me wrong. Karma’s insane but this teacher was a real jerk to him.


Koro-sensei turns himself into a spider and uses webbed tentacles to catch him, thus, screwing up the entire assassination attempt. He brings him back up to where Nagisa is, they talk and there is a certain level of respect between murderous psycho and Koro-sensei. He walks off with the money he stole from Koro-sensei’s coin purse.


I love this episode, it was character focused, it didn’t repeat a lot of the same information we’ve heard over and over again in the last few episodes and yes, I’LL ADMIT IT. I love Karma, he’s amazing, he is absolutely everything I love in a character. I don’t know why I love psychotic characters as much as I do, i enjoy thinking about them and their thought processes. What makes them like this? Are they born like this? He tended towards violence to begin with but the scene where the teachers skin peeled off showing that he was dead to Karma was something amazing.
If the rest of the series focuses on characters like this and not so much the repeating of information we’ll be looking good for the rest of the season!



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  1. I.D. nameless

    Best episode so far imo. Hope they keep up this level of quality.
    The teacher in Karma’s flashback is the same as the one in Nagisa’s flashback (episode 1). I like how they keep making him look worse and worse in comparison with a tentacled… thing.

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