This episode focuses on the relationship between Salamandinay and Ange, the latter believing the former only wants to use her. As we discovered last episode Salamandinay and her people are determined to recover Aura, the original DRAGON who Embryo is using to fuel his mana powers and to give the entire alternate Earth the power of mana. To do so, Salamandinay would like to recruit Ange and is willing to get into archaic competitions with her in order to do so.


archaic meaning tennis
archaic meaning tennis

Tusk and Vivian are having a different time altogether, as Tusk is trying to watch Ange and make sure she is happy while Vivian is getting to know the woman who is clearly her mother. Ange has a hard time believing anyone is genuine but it does not take too long for her to warm up to Salamandinay after their competitions, but Ange still can’t commit herself to the cause and feels she is not a ruler anymore so she can’t be held to the same responsibilities.

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The episode only really kicks in when suddenly a singularity opens and a strange magic begins to destroy the base of the DRAGONs and even grow near the Temple where the Priestess resides. As it covers people it destroys the ground they’re under and kills them as they’re encompassed by rubble. I have to give Embryo’s power this, pretty neat idea to destroy time and spaces themselves in order to kill people. Neat idea. The bastards pretty clever to as he does it without even being there, and how easy would it be to capture more DRAGONs for Dracunium if they get caught trying to save the people under the rubble.

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The power is unstoppable and it takes team work from Ange and Salamandinay to end it, and holy fuck there is a moment where the Villkiss fails and ANGE USES HER FREAKING MANA RING TO RESTORE IT but if she hadn’t it would have been just awful. This is Cross Ange so I expected that to happen, but nope! They actually all get out okay, even Vivian’s mom who I was sure was meant to die this episode because her presence is too much of a happy idea in this world.

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I think now we can really anticipate crap to happen with Ange and versus the other world. I’m beyond ecstatic to see what becomes of the other world. What is Hilda doing? Are they all going to be bitter? Is there now a huge war going on over there or is Libertus/Arzenal simply hiding? What prompted Embryo to attack, was he trying to deal a damaging blow so they couldn’t stage an attack or was he specifically testing to see if Ange had teamed up with them, or if they’d use their space time canon to destroy shit?

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Every week I have a ton of questions! All I want is for it to be next week every single week because I want to absorb every detail possible about this show. Embryo’s in the preview, Ange and Salako (Ange’s nickname since she lampshaded her ridiculously long name) are becoming closer, the fights are totally going to be intense with so many people utilizing these mega weapons- I JUST WANT IT TO BE NEXT WEEK RIGHT NOW! Cross Ange is the sleeper hit of Fall 2014, even when there are times they prolong interesting crap from happening.

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Hell, I’m amused by Salako and Ange but I didn’t want to see half an episode of their tennis, twister, or racing. I’m ready for the intense shit I know is coming but I can tell already. . .bitches are going to die. Everyone’s going to die. And I’m ready for that shit to happen. COME TO ME NEXT WEEK, YOU PERFECT BABU OF AN ANIME! Also Ange seriously get some Xanax and chill.

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  1. WandererYS

    Well, the self repair of the unit was probably similar to what happened to Vilkiss at the episode where Ange first piloted it and then when it transformed the rust came off. The only logical assumption considering that machines like planes that’s rusted like that won’t fly very well (hence why planes gets maintained and checked all the time) if it was without self repair capability. Well, just that it doesn’t kick in very often I guess (and Ange probably didn’t really think too much about it).

    I’m not too sure if it was a script error or a translation error, but they seem to call Aura ‘mother’ when Aura should be a male……. Ummmmmm……

    Oh, and Anko XDDDDDDD

    1. Oki

      I think so too, but rust is different than HOLY FUCK ENTIRE ARM RESTORING! Good to know that’s possible? Ring mcguffin go!

      I’m not sure about that either. I’ll go back and listen to the pronouns in both because it might just be it was am ambiguous pronoun they got wrong at first and are now correcting. Aura is a woman’s name so I’ll go back and try to get context.

      RED BEAN PASTE a lot of this episode was funny. And Salako is just so nonchalante “Oh, you’ll be Anko then” I love when she messed with Ange lol

  2. Magicalness

    I actually liked the sports competition. It felt like a mash up of every sports anime cliche ever which had me laughing the whole way through.

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