Hello again, so we’re back to Koufuku Grafitti and for episode two I have to-


Goddamn it series! Can’t you go 20 second without your damn weird food porn?!


Wait I didn’t mean-




You’re a dickbag show, you know that?

Anyway, before…um..that happened, I was going to explain what the episode was about.

So it’s been a few months since the purple haired girl decided to start coming every Saturday and it’s finally the cherry blossom season.

She arrives all excited and psyched for the festival and they prepare to go, the purple haired girl even making some sandwiches. (god i’m bad with names)

they arrive at the festival and begin to set up.


what the..does she have a MEAT satchel? who the fuck sells MEAT SATCHELS?

Um, anyway, so they’re going to meat the main girl’s older friend there, so she arrives and immediately begins to drink beer. but uh..not before this.

Oh baby, you feed me red bean paste just right
Oh baby, you feed me red bean paste just right

Purple haired girl is nervous around adults she doesn’t know but quickly warms up to her. However, they go off to go buy themselves food from the stalls at the festival, leaving her behind.

On the way they meet the girl from the first episode, the blonde girl who is drawing random people she finds because drawing cherry blossoms is so out of style. After meeting the purple haired girl, she basically rubs it in her face on how she’s tried some of the main girl’s food that she hasn’t.

(yells to mangaka in other room) Are you SURE this isn't a flat out yuri?
(yells to mangaka in other room) Are you SURE this isn’t a flat out yuri?

The purple haired girl (Kirin! that’s her fucking name) realizes that despite the fact that they hang out a  lot there’s a lot of stuff about Ryo (main girl’s name) that she doesn’t know and gets a little sad because of it.

And then the weird food…orgy…thing happens.

Yeah, yeah i bet you can't
Yeah, yeah i bet you can’t

The night rolls around and they all go home. However, Kirin is a bit upset that she didn’t get a chance to draw cherry blossoms. So Ryo, seeing this, takes her outside to draw with her, and makes her the rolled omelettes she’s never had. dawwww


If this was Persona…I think their social link would have just gone up.

The next day, Kirin goes back home and Ryo looks at the drawing she did, learning something else about her. and that’s where the episode ends.

S'cool but...where's the penis drawing----ohhh that's right. there aint going to be ANY penises in THIS show. (wink)
S’cool but…where’s the penis in the drawing—-ohhh that’s right. there aint going to be ANY penises in THIS show. (wink)

So yes. If I had to akin this show to anything from last season, I would say the closest would be Girlfriend. It’s cute, it’s nice, but not a whole lot happens. However, unlike Girlfriend, they laser focus on two girls instead of running around looking at one hundred. So that makes the development more interesting.

This episode we basically learn that despite being around each other a long time, there’s still a lot of things they don’t know about each other. They really do care for each other, and although I joke about it, I really REALLY sense strong yuri undertones in this show. Like..something hardcore.

but seriously, tell us how you REALLY feel
but seriously, tell us how you REALLY feel

And just like last episode, the sexy food thing REALLY REALLY throws me off my game. I’ll be sitting here watching a very adorable scene about two lonely girls finding companionship and friendship in each other and then



Food Porn.

One of the biggest confusions I have in this show is I cannot tell whether or not this is just like…friend love or they’re going for romantic love. Every indication I’ve ever seen leans towards romantic. Like, if this had been a boy and a girl, it would be a romance show in a heartbeat. But…I just don’t know with this show. I wish they were clear about it one way or the other. If it’s a Yuri show, just tell me it’s a Yuri show.

Anyway, the episode was enjoyable, if not a bit dull at parts. We learn that they learn more about each other, so there’s that.

Am I excited for the next episode? Well…I wouldn’t use the word “excited”..more…interested. Yeah, let’s go with that.


Yeah, yeah i’m definitely done with this episode. peace out.

Episode 5.5/10



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