The Teiko Middle School basketball team. In its brilliant history, there were five once-in-a-decade prodigies in one year… the ‘Generation of Miracles’.


Kuroko 51 Img007It’s back! To be honest, I’m a little disappointed that a good half of the episode was a recap, although it was kind of clever to introduce it as an interview and have the flashbacks displayed through that. I decided to marathon the first two seasons of Kuroko no Basket not too long ago, so everything’s still fresh in my mind. After the climactic game against Yosen, it’s great that they’ve decided to take the focus off of Seirin for a bit and have them instead watch some of the other matches going on in the Winter Cup – though I actually thought they would skip Kaijo’s quarter-finals match and go straight to the one they’ll have with Seirin. Despite being the first school introduced with a Generation of Miracles member, Kaijo has never actually fought Seirin in an official game – and given how everyone’s power levels keep increasing during play, the semi-finals will see a completely different kind of Kaijo to the one Seirin last fought. I do think it’ll ultimately be Seirin v Kaijo, primarily because Kuroko and Kagami are supposed to take down each Generation of Miracles member as they proceed through the Winter Cup – they’ve beaten Midorima before, so he doesn’t really count. I bet Shutoku will lose to Rakuzan anyway. Victories against both Aomine and Murasakibara were very significant, and Seirin can only really claim to have beaten Kise when they beat him at his current power level.

Kuroko 51 Img031Of course, Kaijo will have to get through this Fukuda game first. This Haizaki guy seems worse than what I remember of Hanamiya – though it’s easy to say that now, when Haizaki’s just hurt Alex and Himuro while Hanamiya’s been long beaten. Sadly for Kise, while it’s one thing playing against one of the Uncrowned Kings, it should be very different playing against a former starter for Teiko – who only left because Akashi kicked him out, as opposed to because of his lack of skill. I just hope Haizaki is genuinely skilled, and hasn’t mixed in dirty tactics with his play – he sure as hell doesn’t need to become a more despicable bastard than he already is. Don’t you lose, Kise!

Finally, as for my blogging plans. I’ve never covered a sports show, and the only time I’ve come close is when I subbed in for Eva for a couple of weeks of Free! Eternal Summer a couple of seasons ago. I’m also unsure how much there’ll be to write, especially once the matches truly start to get going – and above all, I want to prioritise Aldnoah.Zero instead. It’ll very much depend on my workload, so we’ll have to see.

Possibility of Watching: Guaranteed
Possibility of Blogging: Unsure