Last week’s episode was a little lackluster, so how does this week’s episode do? Let’s jump on it.

Again, I feel like not much happened, but there was more interesting things. We begin by seeing the Tea Party guild with their scary-looking device. Nureha sneaks out of the device and wanders into the forest, transforming into the blonde woman we’ve been seeing in the opening. And I think she’s the same blonde woman from Lenessia’s kingdom in season 1?


The newbies continue on their journey, but they have a problem. After that fight, they find that their horse-summoning whistle is broken, and they don’t have the woodworking skill to repair it. So they have no choice but to push their carriage into the next village, with Roe 2 inside covered in the dark. They eat and then they talk about what they’re going to do about their carriage. Roe 2 says she’s going in the same direction as them, and she can summon horses, so she’ll be happy to help them. Especially if they call her “sister” because she loves the feeling of being relied on.

Whatever floats your boat

The girls go into the hot springs and we have the typical girl talk about boys and relationships. Serara is just adorable.

They set off and head into the Boxurt Mountains, which in the real world would be Hakone. Hakone used to be a volcano, so the mountains are hazy and have a lot of sulfur. Tohya and Rudy walk on ahead to see if it’ll be safe because the trail up the mountain is in bad condition. The boys bump into some merchants with a broken carriage that’s blocking the path. And then in comes Nureha as the blonde woman, but she calls herself Dariella, a Person of the Land writer. Tohya totally has a crush on her because the whole time he’s blushing and looking at her. I mean she is pretty.

lh17.38Anyway, the newbies help the merchants by carrying their luggage from their broken cart and they move on. They reach the top and take a lunch break and gather around to have snacks. Someone in the group mentions Shiroe and this strikes a reaction out of Dariella, which no one notices. Then out in the distance they notice a group of knights with solemn expressions walking ahead of them, a few of them carrying something in the middle. Dariella explains that it’s a device that the people in Minami invented: the name escapes me, but it’s basically a mobile cathedral. It can revive an adventurer at any place at any time. So instead of reviving in the Cathedral miles away from your group, you can just revive right next to them. It’s an amazing device, but it can some with side effects, such as distorting the voices in the heart, such as Dariella explained. Whatever that means, but it’s not good. And the knights carrying the device are the Odyssey Knights. They’re the ones that protect the People of the Land, so you wouldn’t think they would look so dead and scary.

Problems are also arising in Akihabara among the adventurers. The Round Table have a meeting about it. There is a gap forming, where some adventurers are becoming richer than others, while there are some that can barely make by with the little money that they have. The Round Table is trying to find a solution to this problem without it making it worse, such as distributing recipes, money, etc. But that’s all a bad idea. They want to cease any one group from making a monopoly with their businesses, and that’s causing tension between everyone. This situation sounds exactly like something from the real world, and now they have to be very careful about this, or else they can bring Akihabara to ruin.

New issues arise in this episode, with little happening. I don’t know what Nureha is trying to do when disguising herself as Dariella. I just hope the newbies don’t get caught up in whatever the Tea Party guild is planning. And again, WHERE IS CRUSTY?

That’s Crusty’s empty seat right there…*sniff*


Unfortunately still a weeb

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  1. dyingearth

    Unfortunately, the question of where Crusty is, is answered in novel 9, which is completely compressed in the Kanami episode. Hell, they could’ve done 6 episode out of Kanami novel…

  2. Solaris

    Why TEA PARTY guild? Beside it wasn’t even a guild, but just Shiroe’s group of old pals. Minami’s (only) guild is called Plant Hwyaden.

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