Today’s episode takes place on a train. The setting is a train but what’s the plot?

It’s actually the stories main plot for the first time in a while. Kaito is going after a large jewel that belongs to the principality of Ingram. A large Topaz to check if it’s the Jewel the organization that killed his Father was after. However,under that story is the heart warming story of a boy who just wants his mother’s love.

So the episode starts up with Detective Nakamori talking with the Queen about the jewel and what she’s done to hide it, it seems her intent is to play something of a game with Kid. Nakamori asks where she’s hidden it but she says that she won’t say, just in case that Kid is listening in. Good thing too, because her son then points out that there is a listening device on the replica necklace she’s wearing.
Nakamori proceeds to rip it off and scream in Kaito’s ear, ow, that’s just unpleasant.


The next scene contains mostly Kaito and Aoko talking about how they got on the train and how Aoko wants to meet the Queen. Meanwhile, the Queen talks Nakamori into drinking with her and by ‘talks’ I mean, has her body guards scare him into drinking with her. The next time we see him is when Kaito and Aoko come to greet the Queen and he is totally sloshed. To quote Kaito here, “He’s supposed to be guarding her?”

Kaito and Aoko proceed to the dinner car and Kaito starts looking out for where the jewel might be hidden. The Queen’s purse? Her hat? In the eye of their cat? Woah, Kaito. Calm down there I mean the other two make perfect sense but how to you hide a giant ass Topaz in a cats eye? Speaking of, this cat has really freaky looking eyes. I’d expect this sort of thing to show up in a horror anime. Creepy.


The young prince sees Kaito eyeing the cat and brings it over closer for him to see, even Kaito thinks that he was stupid for thinking it was hidden on the cat. He moves then onto the young princes Teddy Bear. The young prince whispers to Kaito that he suspects that he might be Kid and that he won’t let him steal the jewel. For his mom and for his country.
The queen notices that the young prince has left his room again and, woah, lady uh…I know you’re the Queen and all but I don’t think that exempts you from being charged for child abuse. This is pretty much child abuse, I mean, it’s not straight up but you’re flirting with that line pretty hard and i’d back off before it starts going out with you.


So, while observing the Queen being a royal bitch. Kaito manages to figure out where the jewel is hidden. He proceeds to drug Aoko to knock her out so she can’t see him as Kaito Kid. Now where was the gem hidden you ask? I’ll give you a few options.

Was it A. Her Purse
B. Her Hat
C. In the Teddie Bear
D. posing as the replica around her neck
or E. pretending to be an ice cube in Detective Nakamori’s booze

If you answered E, congratulations. You get a cookie and a pat on the back, because I never would of guessed that one. It seems so stupid and yet so clever at the same time. So Kaito grabs the jewel and makes his way up to the top of the train where he holds it up to the moonlight to find…that it’s not the stone the organization that killed his father is looking for.

The young prince crawls on top of the train to get the jewel back from Kaito, only to get himself held hostage by one of the guys from said organization. Kaito, beats the bad guy by the sheer luck of the fact that the train was coming up on a bridge and he happened to notice it and use his cloak to prevent the bad guy from noticing it.


So once they knock the bad guy away, Kaito and the young prince have a talk in where Kaito says that he will not give the jewel back to a liar. Saying the real reason that the young prince wants the jewel back is not for his Mom’s honor or for his country at all, but because he wants to be praised by his mother for doing something good. He gives the young prince an idea and they part ways.

The prince returns to the car with his mother and admits that he pulled that crazy stunt in which he went on top of the train to face Kid and get the jewel back and says that he was unable to get the stone back. She reels back her hand and smacks him. LADY, child abuse. I mean, I get where this episode is trying to come from because the minute after she says that she’s glad he’s not hurt and hugs him and that she was only hitting him for doing something that would make her worry but really, did she have to hit him like that? I get that she’s trying to be a tougher parent after the death of her husband but there is a difference between what she’s doing and being a tough parent. Oh well, whatever. She is the queen. Who am I to question it?


Aoko wakes up with the jewel on the top of her glass and everything is solved…sort of anyway. Next episode we have a Detective Nakamori based episode. Not going to lie, i’m sort of looking forward to it. I like Detective Nakamori, I hope they sort of go into the history that he had with Kaito’s father in this next episode. That would be really interesting.

This was a nice episode for the most part, and see, I managed this entire review without one reference to Baccano…even though I was thinking about it the entire episode and kept expecting to see immortals fighting in the background of every scene. I need to watch more anime’s where they are on trains so I can think of other things when people are on trains. I don’t know if I mentioned the new opening last episode, but if I didn’t. My opinion of it is…eh, it’s alright. I liked the first opening a lot so the second one will take a while to grow on me. Welp, on to next week.

See you, Next Illusion.


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  1. Mekem

    The part where Kaito thought the jewel was in the eye of the cat seemed to be a reference to an episode of Lupin the 3rd. In that episode, a rich woman confronts Lupin in her room after he tries to steal her gem and challenges him to find where she had hidden it. The place she had hid it was in the eye of her cat.

    A dated reference, but around the time the original story was written, Lupin was more relevant.

    1. MidnightDevont

      Oh wow, thanks for that. I haven’t watched all of Lupin and what I did watch was a long time ago so I wouldn’t of gotten that reference.

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