Binan KouKou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love! ~ Episode 5 [Remote Love]

The Press Society is an obnoxious pain in the butt! Like, the Newspaper club in Ouran wasn’t even this pushy, is this the reputation that News clubs have in Japan or is it just an anime thing? Well whatever it is, they’ve noticed a strange cosplay group that’s been causing a stir on campus. Their faces and voices are scrambled in reality and when recorded.

So they decide to come investigate the Earth Defense Club, for…some…reason. I mean, just because it has the same number of members doesn’t mean anything. I’m sure there are plenty of clubs at the school with only 5 members. Right?
Well anyway, at the Earth Defense Club. Yumoto is being Yumoto and molesting the Wombat and getting turned on by it. This scene had an interesting Charlie Brown reference to ‘Linus’s blanket’. I guess they’re saying that Yumoto gets the same sort of comfort by snuggling with soft things that Linus gets from holding onto his blanket.


While he’s away from the teacher, the teacher begins to mold. So they have to wash the mold off the teacher in the rain. This show, hurts me on so many levels sometimes. So the Press Club comes in and rambles on about their newest idea to do a piece on the bonds between teachers and their students.
So they try to interview the dead teacher. Then badger the whole club for interviews individually.


Well except for Yumoto who was passed straight out asleep, in his sleep he mutters “I can’t eat anymore.” while I think this might be common and not really a reference, the first thing to come to mind for me is the episode of Cowboy Bebop ‘Toys in the Attic’ in which Edward at the end of the episode after eating the mutant Lobster in her sleep mutters the same line of dialogue. It may be coincidence but considering that this is a show that alludes heavily to not just magical girl animes but all anime in general as shown by some of the Fist of the North Star references in last episode, I’m thinking it might just be a reference.

Our monster of the week set up, instead of being a discussion between the whole group stems from the conversation that Ryuu was having with a girl he was trying to court. [I’d say girlfriend, but i’m sure he has like 100 of those.] So the student council hits a kid who is tired of having his life controlled by his father and he turns into….a remote control monster.


Meanwhile, at the bath house of love! -insert cheesy 80’s cartoon transition here-

The boys and the Wombat are chatting, the Wombat is going off the deep end about his lack of freedom with the Press Society hanging around and it’s obviously bothering him. I mean seriously, he gets vulgar.  Then surprise surprise, guess who should show up at the bath house but the members of the Press Club.
Who just can’t be stopped, but woah, seriously hold up and slow down here. Taking pictures of people when they are practically in the nude is….oh well, whatever. This show stopped having shame after the copious amount of ass shots in the episode about being young. So then in the middle of the Press Club being creepy, their love bracelets react and they need to find a way to slip away from the Press Club and transform.


GOOD THING THEY HAVE A DEAD TEACHER ON HAND, so they dump the dead teacher off on the Press Club and say that they are going to get a Doctor. They go, they transform, the arrive at the gym where the remote control Monster is using the remote to knock the basketball club out with heat.
Yumoto kicks the monster down, the show makes a comment about how the other guys aren’t needed. WOAH, did it just acknowledge that? The Monster starts controlling Yumoto to attack the other boys and just as I get my hopes up that they might actually get to do something. The WOMBAT, knocks the control out of the monsters hands and frees Yumoto from it’s control. He beats the monster and once again the other boys have done absolutely nothing.


The WOMBAT has seen more combat then these guys at this point. Though honestly, I think I get it now. I think I get the point the show is trying to make at long last. It clicked with me all the sudden, the point the show is going for is how useless all the characters but the ‘main’ is in most magical girl shows.
I still wish they’d do something but I at least see that the show is going for a theme now. I think the point that really drove it home for me was the point that they straight out say. “It’s like we’re not even needed.” It could be the show being self-aware or it could be a shot at the side characters in most magical girl shows.

So, after the battle ends they return to the bath house and the teacher makes it. Yumoto makes his co-worker at the bath take a picture of all of them, press club, defense club and teacher. They publish a piece on how the defense club saved their teacher, the school goes wild and the student council is left with no choice but to accept them as an official club. Much to Kinshiro’s dismay it seems .
However, there is something more going on with the press club then it seems, what is their real purpose? Are there villains past the student council? What’s their game? What’s stage two? Is their fish an alien too!? I am honestly pretty intrigued by this now.

"What do you MEAN we might not be the main bad guys!?"

“What do you MEAN we might not be the main bad guys!?”

ANYWAY, next episode seems like it’s going to focus on the only member of the gang who’s name I haven’t memorized at this point. The money guy, [Io] so the next episode is about Io and it seems like we might get some development for him and maybe, MAYBE some combat time? That would be cool, anyway, I know the student council wants him to join so that’s pretty ominous!
I just want to have this show focus on the boys other than Yumoto a little more! Is that so wrong!? -sobs-


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2 Responses

  1. pooliepoolie says:

    oh my god yes i was getting tired of yumoto beating the monsters of the day like??? i really really do hope the rest of the boys get their chance to shine D:

    • MidnightDevont says:

      I hope so, i’m really hoping since next episode seems like it’s going to Io themed that he’ll get some battle action.

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