This week on Cross Ange: I told you guys I so freakin told you guys. Ange is still in captivity and Embryo has become insanely obsessed with her, meanwhile Tusk and Vivian went to ask Jill for help. It’s rather funny but Tusk and Vivian have become basically a framing device in the last two episodes, more or less doing things to move the plot along and not normally showing characterization. Naturally, though, Jill punches them out and keeps them captive.

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Meanwhile Ange and Embryo have a complicated relationship. This episode has some very heavy focus on some really dark sexual things and I stand beside that most of them are not to cause sexual gratification. That being said, if this kind of thing is your fetish then this show does deliver. Except, I know for a fact that the overcoming of such scenes breaks the fetish meta and that serves as proof to me that Ange is really epic and the entire show is trying to gently remind us, with excessive force, that Ange is not to be toyed with and cannot be broken easily.

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What she does learn however, is that Embryo is planning on merging the two worlds in order to create a more perfect Earth. His torture is because he has asked Ange to marry him, and she has refused. Actually she tried killing him again. Guys let’s just reiterate how amazing it is to see Ange is not some super weak little girl who is being forced against her will to do everything, she is an asshole most of the series and until recently has always shown as such. I’m glad she has been an asshole, how could she deal with any of this if she was anything less?

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Ange tried to kill him, in return for most of the episode he tortures her with stuff right out of a hentai doujinshi. He causes her great physical pain with his powers and then great sexual pleasure. It actually reminds me of how they used to get off to killing dragons, and I’m wondering if that means that Dracunium has erotic properties to Norma? Maybe even regular humans. But even when she does feel pleasure, she does not submit, and instead begs for Tusk to help her. Now, she has been destroying all season without begging for tusk. She’s begging for him sexually and emotionally, and that’s really huge. If I hear one mother fucker say ‘she needs a man to save her’ I will throw a rock because someone DOES need to save her, and it ended up being Salia.

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Oh man, this episode, poor Salia. Just poor Salia. First off, we see how much of a douchebag Embryo is because he sleeps with Salia and reassures her she is the only one he wants. Turn around? She watches him propose to Ange and hears him say she is the ‘goddess of the new world’. That cannot help Salia’s issues, but instead she frees Ange and doesn’t take it out on her. She’s partially doing it to keep Embryo to herself but you can see in her eyes the illusion is broken and she knows Embryo doesn’t just love only her. Once Ange is freed she knocks out Salia so she won’t get in trouble, and I’m assuming next episode this will still come to a head.

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Jill this episode managed to put herself back into the running and show my predictions were right: She, like pretty much everyone else, was used by Embryo and this is what ruined Libertus. She has been fighting tooth and nail to redeem herself but in the end they give Command to Salia, and this bodes well for no one given how hard everyone has to fight. Hilda and Rosalie also both confess they love Ange and Chris respectively, and given that Hilda has confessed to being in love with her while also being the commander of Libertus her death flag is raised so high I can’t even deal with it. Out of the pecking order of Tusk, Hilda, and Salako, I think the one most likely to ‘win’ is Salako, but only because I have this sneaking suspicion that Tusk is going to die. Tusk and Hilda are not looking good right now in death flags. Especially now that Embryo realizes that Ange can deny him in her mind infinitely so long as Tusk is around. Woops.

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Hell, next episode is titled The One Left Behind. THE EPISODE ENDS WITH THE RETURN OF SALAKO! No missteps by Embryo in this episode went unpunished. Blatantly lie to Salia, who is insecure- it ends to Ange’s escape. Decide Momoka is not worth your time and torture Ange, forcing her to explore the castle- it ends with Momoka freeing our DRAGON captive so she can open a singularity for the return of the DRAGONs! I have a bad feeling about Tusk’s life next episode, but I’ll be happy if he doesn’t die. I think it’s about time someone in the show DOES die, and I also don’t want it to happen.

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I’ve said before, once Embryo dies there might be a twist where everyone he brought back will die too, so if it happens I’m going to sob. The problem for now is figuring out how to kill this sadistic bastard- Ange has tried. A lot. Until then I’m ecstatic we have the return of Salako and hopefully no one will die next episode. . . I never know with this show. Only thing I do know is that I am scared shitless. Oh and one last thing, can we just. . . .just all like ..EMBRYO IS A RAPIST. A RAPIST RAPIST RAPIST.


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  1. Anime lover

    Hey Oki, you know that Cross Ange episode 20 was released on the 21 and us my favorite anime. Anyway, I super agree with you. I actually have Nobody die ESPECIALLY not Tusk. If they do, I have no idea what they’re thinking. I rather have Momoka die or something. like, seriously.

    1. Oki

      Actually while it aired in Japan the 21st, here it was still pretty late and it doesn’t normally get subbed for us until very early the 22nd, so I post these usually the same day I get access! I could review it raw but Embryo is so freaking full of himself his vocabulary nonstop. But for deaths, I’m hoping tusk doesn’t die. We need Cafe Ange ):

  2. Chris Marshall

    I feel sorry for those control room girls. They’re always getting knocked out lol. I think this is…the third time?

    1. Anime lover

      I don’t think they got knocked out….. I thought Jill just told her to close the doors….

      1. Oki

        I don’t think so, Jill looked pretty menacing there!

  3. Magicalness

    Either Tusk or Hilda is gonna die next episode. I can just tell one of them is gonna kick the bucket soon enough. also I thought it was stupid when Salia stayed behind because “Embryo-Sama is all I have left” he’s a deceiving manipulitive rapist asshole and you should start thinking of ways to kill him permanently and painfully.

    1. Oki

      Word, you can tell from my review I agree with you.

      For the girls, I think it’s two things. Stockholme syndrome and shame. They’re convincing themselves they love him because he’s all the things they think they want, but truthfully he’s using them. Once they find out. . .it’s all about shame, they know they’ve messed up but they doubt the ones they love will want them back. Namely, I’m sure Salia will feel that way about Jill..but ironically, now I think Jill would accept her more for going through the same pain she did.

    2. Anime lover

      Technically, in the preview it shows that Momoka and Tusk having bad luck or something, so what are the chances Hilda is gonna die?

      1. Oki

        Well, ‘the previews always lie’.

    3. KF

      He had everything Salia had to offer and still he went and did the same thing to other girls? The only reason why Salia couldn’t stop him is because he had ruin her that even if she wanted to stop him she can’t…

  4. Anime lover

    Anyway, I really wanna know what’s going to happen with Salako. Plus, I know that Tusk and the others are probably going to save Ange, but…… 🙁 Plus, Oki I totally agree with you. Embryo is a total rapist and I do not get why he does this. Either to torture or Embryo is just psychotic. Last thing, I think Salia is actually realizing how… You know, So called Embryo sama is.

    1. Oki

      He’s done a lot of damage, but as long as Tusk doesn’t die he’ll be able to console her, I think. SOMEONE will need to because what she went through is nothing short of torture. Embryo, I think, has let his influence on the world get to him. If he can create, he can control, right? So when beautiful things appear before him, he wants them. And it’s even better when he can’t have them because he knows someday he will be able to.

  5. Anime lover

    You talk with words very well. Just asking, are you exited for the next episode to come out ‘ cause you said in your review that you never know with this show. For some reason, I always can’t wait for the next and next episode to come out! * Don’t judge me *

    1. Oki

      Oh no, I feel you, every week is painful. . . can’t they just give me the entire show?! I want it lol.

      1. Anime lover

        Technically, if they gave you the WHOLE show in like one week you would have to wait longer so they can do the animations and stuff. But yeah I agree I’d rather have the whole show.

  6. Anime lover

    You probably are busy but I want someone to talk with. Anyway if you want to talk with me, please start talking with me at 9:20 pm

    1. Oki

      Haha, I will be around. Feel free to leave your thoughts.

  7. Anime lover

    Anyway, um just asking again do you write ALL of these anime reviews?

    1. Oki

      Haha no, not by any means. If you look at the top of every post you see all have different authors. 🙂

      1. Eva

        As well as at the bottom. The author bio right below the tags is another way to serve as the label of author of post which contains their avatar if you missed their name up top.

  8. KF

    This is the first time I’ve seen a hardcore rapist in anime this mainstream. This is dark…

    1. Oki

      Yeah this is outright, completely undeniable rape in play here. The worst part is he breaks the girls until they submit, and tortures them until they do if they refuse to. This guy needs to die and STAT.

  9. Anime lover

    I know that Salako will probably save Ange, but after Ange was crying out for Tusk I actually kind of wanted her to stay there and let Tusk save her. I really hope Tusk doesn’t just die or something the next episode just to save Ange when she’s not even with Embryo. Also Ange may ( but probably does not ) deserve that but what Embryo is doing is just OMG cruel and you know.

    You know I really hope nobody dies but it’s pretty obvious that someone will. Just asking if someone was gonna die who do think it would be? Who would you want it to be? except Embryo of course.

    1. Oki

      It’s true, somebody probably will, and I’m super anxious for it to air today/tomorrow and have to see what’s going to happen next! Incidentally I am only online the blog minimal most days unless it’s our peek time, so if I don’t answer your question right away I am studying. 🙂

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