For an episode that was entirely dedicated to Pafu, they truly delivered. I cannot stress enough how surprised I was to have enjoyed the episode so much! Pafu immediately won me over with her precious charms and god damn it- how could anyone hate her after she courageously threw herself against the Zetsuborg in attempt to protect Kisaragi. Pafu for best fairy!!!!
Pafu had accidentally gotten herself caught by the discipline leader, Kirasagi who throughout the episode had been an uptight girl who lives by rulebook. She had displayed herself to be a very cold, picky person, nitpicking almost everything Haruka was doing while they were cleaning the dorm. Despite the fact animals are not allowed in the dorms, thanks to Minami’s authority as the president of the student council, she was able to set up an opportunity by having a vote of what they should do. The vote had to be unanimous so when it was split they had a week to persuade the other half to switch their vote for Pafu. Of course knowing her personality we knew that Kisaragi was the toughest one to persuade- but what we didn’t know that she had a legitimate reason to oppose. Kisaragi is afraid of dogs. It doesn’t matter how cute they may be, she is scared of them. The only reason why she was able to overcome that fear/anxiety was because Pafu tried to defend her against the Zetsuborg who was hundred times her size and won her over by having that sense of security that she wasn’t going to hurt her.
I was thrilled to have finally been given a name for the villain trios! They are the Three Musketeers! The first one who we have seen for the past two episodes is Close and the second one whom we met today is Shut (I already foresee their names being a pain to accommodate in the future). Shut tried to have Close leave it up to him, but Close is a rebel who does what he wants, when he wants- so I was psyched to see that he was stirring up trouble elsewhere while Shut was keeping the Precures occupied for quite some time.
Shut left a memorable first impression on me. I found both his character and design to be fabulous. He is incrediby charismatic and it was amusing to hear him remark to the precures of how beautiful they were. I look forward to seeing more of him in the future.

Go! Princess Precure Ep 3 Img 0011

As expected, the precure perfume found its way to its designated owner, Kirara (Cure Twinkle) whom we will be meeting next week! I am looking forward to watching her full transformation sequence because it is already looking stellar just from what we are seeing in the preview! I am curious to see what kind of character she will be!


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  1. Wanderer

    This sort of plot wouldn’t even be an issue if Precure fairies weren’t such fluffbrains.
    Pafu trying to protect Kasaragi despite being completely unable to do anything against the monster was adorable, but that fell within the realm of predictability. I liked that Kisaragi WASN’T our victim of the week, and that she actually met the Cures and asked them who they were (even though they didn’t respond). Most of the time the job of an ordinary person during these attacks is just to run away screaming when the monster shows up, or to be caught by a villain and used to make a monster, in the cases when that’s how the monsters are created.
    The third Cure looks like fun. Can’t wait to meet her!

    1. Eva

      //This sort of plot wouldn’t even be an issue if Precure fairies weren’t such fluffbrains.//

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