I thought there was going to be action in this episode, but I was very wrong. There was a lot more talking. And honestly I didn’t totally understand the conversation between Minori and Roe 2 at the very end. Either because I’m just an idiot, but I was also pretty drowsy when I was watching this.

I like the newbies, but so far this has been pretty boring. I know Isuzu is passionate about this music thing, and she’s devastated that the People of the Land only have 42 songs, but I don’t know. I get it, but it’s a little tiring to hear. It’s great she cares about this, but no offense there’s bigger and more important things going on. Like, the wyverns about to kill everyone. I think you should focus on that first.

IMG_0399So there’s a lot of wyverns around. The levels are something the newbies can deal with but there’s just too much for them to handle on their own. And then the Odyssey Knights go into battle. All seems fine because the People of the Land trust them, but when the newbies check them out, these guys actually enjoy dying. They purposefully die. And they love it. That’s pretty messed up. With that mobile reviving device, they just revive and then fight and die again. And again. And again. As they plan to move to fight into town, Tohya stops one of them and asks what the hell is wrong with them. The knight tells them how much he wants to go home, which I think is probably the first time we’ve heard someone say that. Like, yeah they’re trying to figure out how to go back, but this knight is desperate. He dies on purpose because he’s trying to figure out a way to go back home. When you die, you can see the memories of your time in the real world, as we saw when Akatsuki and Shiroe died. So the knight thinks that “world” must be connected to the real world and the current world they’re in. He wants to leave so bad. He was supposed to get married, by a place of their own, and he was going to quit the game, and he wants to go back.

But Tohya is like no way man, you’re crazy do you know what it’s like being close to death? And then we get a look into Tohya’s past, where we already know he was paralyzed from the waist down. He was in a car accident, and so Tohya felt he was closer to death while also being alive. And he gets really pissed at the knight.


At the very end, Nyanta starts fighting these ghost looking monsters that were summoned from the people in the Plant Hwyaden or other. They’re doing something that would be considered “power leveling”, they summon nightshade servants that act like vessels for the minds of the People of the Land. And the experience points go to the summoner. So basically the summoner doesn’t do the fighting, the Person of the Land does. They’ll do this by injecting the people of the land or something. So while they’re riding their train thing, Nyanta starts attacking. And that’s it.

This is probably a terrible review of everything, but I just didn’t like this episode. A lot of talking, a lot of “Who am I and why am I here?” talk. Now I’m hoping that yes there’s going to be action next week. The show is almost done and I feel like nothing has particularly happened since the first half ended. This season has felt a lot slower than the first one, and I’m really getting impatient now. This part was really boring to me, no offense to the newbies.


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    The Manami’s PoL are being injected with Power Leveling Potion.

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