Yeah, I know the title for this episode is weird. but bear with me.

So if you couldn’t guess, this episode wasn’t exactly the most serious one there’s ever been. And… it’s a bit weird. It’s not a BAD episode, it’s just…weird. Here, let me explain

So the episode starts up with the group in a part of the kingdom where there’s a winter festival. They see that there’s a bunch of ice statues, one being of the yatterman. And then a guy show up on and pees on it.

Not even joking. he just randomly shows up and pees on it.


After they talk to this guy they find out that there’s going to be a tournament for the best wrestler, sumo, and boxer and the winner will get a sheep and some money. (better than american idol baby)

The only issue is, it’s for minors, so they big guy tonzra can’t enter.

So instead they enter the dice guy in the sumo competition of all things.

and while they’re training him the guy decides to pee again. Noticing a pattern?

On a side note, i'd bet money this is voiced by the chick who does naruto
On a side note, if i were a betting man, i’d bet money this guy is voiced by the chick who does Naruto

So after they do a bit of training, they begin the matches, and the weak guy does pretty well until he gets to the round with the peeing guy and loses pretty handily.


When it looks like peeing guy has won the tournament, the yatterman show up to kick the winners asses with giant mechs. Normally i’d call foul, but this guy annoys me so….i’ll allow it.

Apparently though our heroes don’t feel the same way and get their own mech to do battle, and actually manage to beat all three of them.

Interestingly enough when they win they actually DO give them the sheep and money (which honestly i was surprised at) and they give it to the peeing guy, who, you guessed it, pees again.


And our heroes run away from the Yatterman as the episode ends.

This episode was weird. It by far did not have ANY of the dark tones of the rest of the episodes. In fact, this episode was by far the weakest. Unlike the blind girl and the dice guy, this episodic character doesn’t add a single thing to the series. we know 3 things about him. 1. he likes his mom, 2. he’s strong, and 3. he pees a lot. (seriously get that checked out). He’s loud, irritating, and almost a parody of a character rather than an actual character. This would have worked for the old yatterman show, but not this one that they’re actually attempting to put some sincerity into it.

There are some really tender moments in this episode like where the blind girl makes snowmen and it reminds Leopard of her mother,

daw cutie snowmen
daw cutie snowmen

There’s also a cute scene when they’re trying to con people out of money with a magnetic rabbit and refuse to take pee guy’s money because he’s trying to help his mom.

These guys man...I love these guys
These guys man…I love these guys

But then it’s interspersed by stupid crap…or should I say stupid pee.

I mean, there WAS  a bit more to the episode such as the battles were pretty nifty and they were still their fun selves, but this episode didn’t FEEL right. it felt….off. I like the comedy in this show, but I also like the drama. And this episode… other than a few sparse places, I really didn’t feel it. It felt more like an episodic wacky show then the show I came to love. I’m going to chalk this episode up as “That one really bad one you can skip” and hope to god they don’t pull this again. Because honestly, there’s only 12 episodes and they can do much more than what they did this episode.

Like I said, this episode wasn’t BAD it was just….subpar for this show. This show can do better.

Episode 5.5/10


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  1. TheVoid

    Don’t forget Honorable Oda also peed. Also he’s not voiced by the same lady who does Naruto. I think he is voiced by Yu Kobayashi.

    The weirdest thing about him is how he’s so buff when his family is apparently poor and his mother is sick.

    I do like that the the evil redhead guy who is clearly some sort of evil Casshern descendant immediately notices they’re alive when they interfere with the tournament and proceeds to start hunting them down.

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