Yoru No Yatterman Episode 7 (Something Smells Fishy Here)

First of all, yes, yes I should probably apologize for the terrible pun that is the name of this episode. But I won’t….because i’m an awful person.

Once again we return to my favorite show of the season, Yoru No Yatterman. But the question is, is this episode as good as last one? No. No it is not. But does that mean it’s bad? Let’s find out.

So the episode picks up and the crew are nearly walking zombies from being beyond hungry. They come across a guy getting beaten up by the yatterman and go in to save him, for some reason thinking he’s a turtle and that he’ll take them to the sea kingdom. Yeah…I’m just chalking that one up to the hunger.

What they do find though is a guy who gets sexually excited by well um…ANYTHING.


It turns out that he was being chased by the yatterman as they were going to force him into labor as they did that one guy from a few episodes ago. A drone passes on the information to the villain so he decides to come up with an insanely elaborate plan. Because that’s what bad guys do. Okay. see if you follow this plan.

So they’re going to make a giant mechanical turtle, pretend to beat it up so that the Doronbow will want to save it. Get in the giant turtle as they think it will take them to the Sea God’s Palace.

Btw, your human masks are fantastic

Btw, your human masks are fantastic

However it turns out to be an underground facility that they use to to trick them into going into a cell with promise of food and knock them out with gas and once their transport arrives they will transport them to the Yatter Kingdom.

You catch all that? Good. Needlessly complicated? Yep.

So all that happens and they’re captured. Now here’s the strange thing. as the villain is looking over his capture, he sees a captured Alouette and for some reason he looks uneasy about it. We’re not certain why as of yet, but it unnerves him and he actually shows a worried side.


There are a few reasons why this could be, but if I HAD to guess, I’d say he’s going to end up being Alouette’s father, the one who supposedly died. After all, he did say that he owes the Yatterman for “Saving his life” and also, half his body does look fucked up and mechanical. Of course, that’s just my guess.

The guy they saved doesn’t fall asleep though as he had had an idea that this looked weird and held his breath when the gas came out. Gatchan wakes up and he talks to the guy about his dream and how it’s to see the ocean beyond the wall. Which he calls his “fish harem”

Yeah..it's best not to ask questions

Yeah..it’s best not to ask questions

So while they’re waiting to be carted off, they come up with a plan. Pretending they’re asleep they then take out the robots and build a mech out of the turtle that brought them there.

After a pulse pounding escape, They help the guy escape from beyond the wall and escape themselves.


And that’s basically where the episode ends.

This episode is kind of like the one with the snow peeing guy, only instead of peeing, it’s about a guy who is sexually turned on by nearly everything including fish.

There really isn’t a whole lot of development going on for the main three, and the only sort of development we see is with Gatchan. I mean…this episode is BETTER than the peeing one, but it’s nowhere near as good as last episode. This show only has 12 episodes in total, which means they’re going to have to wrap everything up in 5 more episodes. Considering that they spend a few episodes like this doing set up, it really makes me wonder how they’re going to do it. I REALLY hope they don’t do a “To be continued” style ending. I’ll be so made unless there’s a confirmed second season.

Regardless, we learn a lot about the one-off guy who we’ll never see again, and we learn a little more about Gatchan…so…there’s that.


I’m not certain how to feel about this episode. It had character development…but it was for a character we’ll never see again. But the development made me care…but i won’t think about it after this episode.

Honestly this episode really is another skip if you really wanted to. The only thing of REAL value in this episode is the fact that we know that the bad guy seems to care about Aloutte. That set up will lead to something interesting.

All in all…episode was…okay? Not terrible, not great, but…okay

Episode 6/10


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