The city-wide Battle Royale has officially kicked off, and boy have it turned out to be quite unpredictable. Yuuya and Yuzu had decided to split up in hopes of locating Shun. The interesting part about this decision is how winning is no longer their top priority. They both know that they need to find Shun as soon as possible to explain what had happened to Yuuto and hopefully gain information about the conflict between the dimensions. However out of the two, Yuuya was the one who was probably best not to be left alone when Ryouzanpaku had already planted a target on his back the moment the twist was revealed. He starts off against 2 VS 1, and suffered a huge disadvantage due to their dirty plays and the fear of being dragged into that darkness once again.

Let’s be honest, who else was freaking out when it was implied that Yuuya had lost consciousness? I can tell you I was FREAKING OUT. I quote, “- OOOH DAMN, THAT HIT. SHIT, 200 LP left, oh shit. What the hell is gonna happen to him, he just lost consciousness- SHIT. SHIT. WHAT IS GONNA hAPPEN tO YUUYA, OH PHEW. HE IS STILL CONSCIOUS. GOD THEY HAD ME WORRIED.”

Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V Ep 42 Img 0018What we saw today was how Yuuya needs to pull himself together. He is letting the fear of losing himself get the better of him, and it is hindering his duel. Not once, had Yuuya been able to do any entertaining today. The duel was entirely one-sided, and it didn’t help that another one of Yuuya’s one of greatest weakness was also contributing to it. As I have discussed countless times already, Yuuya’s dependance on Action Cards to win a duel is bound to come back and bite him in the ass, and that is exactly what we were seeing today. The worse part about this flaw is that not once today had Yuuya ever taken a second to consider making a comeback by having faith in his draws from his deck. Had the exchange student Dennis not jumped into the fray at the last second, Yuuya would have lost right then and there.

Speaking of which, I am surprised how the focus has suddenly shifted to the LDS’ exchange students. By all means, it is not a bad shift, but in ways a good one by providing alternative opportunities than an ass-pull to victory. While the preview leaves it up in the clouds of whether or not Dennis is an ally or foe, I more or less expect him to be Yuuya’s (temporary) ally based on his monster who had deflected Yuuya’s defeated. I am already convinced that he is fond of Yuuya’s entertainment duel, or perhaps a fan of his father, or better yet, perhaps he dislikes the way Ryouzanpaku duel, and doesn’t want to see Yuuya be defeated by thugs. However I do foresee that as soon as the Ryouzanpaku are defeated, Dennis will immediately become a foe- but I suppose whether or not that will actually happen will depend on his personality.

Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V Ep 42 Img 0012Yuzu’s duel with the exchange student was an…I should I describe it? An interesting one. I found it quite funny to watch mainly because Yuzu was being so nice to her opponent despite the fact it was eating her alive that she wasn’t able to make her Pendulum Summon debut. Initially Yuzu didn’t have two Pendulum cards, but her opponent Halil was a fan of her Entertainment Duels and wanted to have a match up against her. So he generously handed gave he one of his three Pendulum Cards so that they could fight. Of course much to Yuzu’s dismay, her opponent already had a way to retrieve the card he had initially given her during the duel and worse of all- he didn’t know how to Pendulum Summon properly. Yuzu couldn’t bear to watch him struggle to make it work so she told him how to make it function properly. Oh Yuzu, you’re such a sweet girl. Unfortunately for Yuzu, before she realized it she finds herself in a pinch and slipped down a slope- which later made her crash into Gongenzaka’s duel against another Exchange Student. But this is where it got interesting. Because Yuzu had accidentally crashed into their duel, it turned into a tag duel and the next thing we know, she and Gongenzaka are teamed up against the Exchange Students. That being said, I am hoping that her Action Card she had managed to snag will either revive Fantasia Maiden Opera or will boost her life points for security.

I have to say I am loving how we are seeing the duel monster’s personalities show more. When Fire Jinn was supposed to destroy the precious Fantasia Maiden Opera (who didn’t even get a chance to shine despite her first debut), her teary eyes struck the Devil in the heart and he gently eliminated her. Seriously, that was just too cute.

Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V Ep 42 Img 0015

After several rounds of intense episodes, this one was definitely one of the “breathers”. It was a bit lackluster, but at least it didn’t bore me… too much. Yuzu’s duel against Halil made up for the duller moments with the humor and Yuuya walking on a thin line made me anxious for him. Next week I more or less expect the two tag duels to wrap up, hopefully it will be a tad more entertaining than this week’s episode.

Meanwhile, Shun is already 1000% done with the Knights who plan to take it on 3 VS 1 and the LDS Boy Band is nowhere in sight.

PS: Anyone else find it nostalgic to see the Action Fields Bubbles around the city? It reminded me a lot of how the roads were accommodated for the Riding Duels in 5DS!


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  1. elhienn

    Eva, Halil is a boy, his VA is a man and his name is a name used for boys ^^’*sweatdrop*
    I think Dennis is the Johan/Bruno of the series, he’s too similar to Yuya, very cheery and entertaining, besides, he comes from the LDS Broadway branch, and by the way his own VA talked about his character I really doubt he has an ill intentions.
    I liked this episode a lot to be honest, maybe because I’m Yuzu biased, but lol, as always I found nice how caring Yuya is towards Yuzu, telling her to take care or Yuzu instantly cheering him up when he gets on a funk(Episode 40 because of her fun duel and episode 41 when they held hands).
    I’m very suspicious of all this focus. It doesn’t feel like they are doing it (only) for shipping purpose, it feels like they want to show how deep their bonds are so when Yuya goes Berserk again Yuzu will be able to stop it,call it a hunch, but I think it might happen.
    On a last note, as soon as I watched the episode, the first thing that popped on my mind was, in this order:
    1) Halil= Alladin/Disney, Olga= Anna/Elsa fusion/Frozen, Isao fodder with funny hat= Mickey Mouse
    2) +2 people for Yuzu’s harem 8D(Halil, personal space plz, and lol, Yuzu using Olga as a cushion, if she moved her hand a bit more it would be placed on her chest XD)*Kicked*
    I laughed a lot at the genie trying to destroy Opera gently lolol, and I felt pain everywhere only by watching Yuya being a punching bag again, being Yuya is suffering…
    The “fun has just begun” indeed!

    1. Eva

      FFFFF— MAJOR TYPOS. I am so embarrassed for missing so many of them. UGH! >x<;||| I KNEW HE WAS A MALE FFF---. *SOBS* Thanks guys for pointing out that error. OTL||||| Fixed it. I have no doubt in my mind that Yuzu would be able to snap Yuuya out it where beside him when he goes berserk. As long as the person knows their true heart, they can talk them out of it. As Yuuya was able to understand what kind of a person Yuuto truly was, he was able to get through to him, where as with Yugo he couldn't because he didn't have the chance to get to know him.

  2. 75chaosflare

    I think Hali(The person Yuzu’s facing) is a boy.

    1. Eva

      TT v TT;;; FIXED IT. My mistake, too many “hers”.

  3. partner555

    How do you make these reviews so quickly!? Do you obsessively check to see if the sub is out like me?
    Also, I’m pretty sure Halil is male.

    1. Eva

      Yeah I check their status regularly. It really helps that Mono-Subs puts up their progress to let us know whether or not it’ll be ready by or before the end of the day.
      TT x TT Fixed it, that was a major error on my part.

  4. partner555

    Really? Where do they put that? When I tried searching, I couldn’t find if they had a website or not. So either they don’t have a website or I failed so hard it’s not even funny.
    Also, my dislike of the Ryouzonpaku school had increased after the beating they gave Yuya. I was especially worried when it looked like Yuya might fall into the lava.

    1. Eva

      Their website went down a while back so they have been using twitter to keep everyone up to date ever since.

  5. elior1

    eva episode 44 that where the true pure madness begins

    1. Eva


  6. Chris Marshall

    Hali’s voice….was kind of ear grating after a while for me. Its weird, the anime that doesn’t give foreigners all the weird and obvious accents are the ecchi ones….
    On the card front, well it looks like Sora is getting a ton of support in the set that’s about to come out….like a lot of support. Its a shame to that Sawatari didn’t stick with Monarch’s considering they’re also getting bolster support.
    Lastly, I’m kind of thankful the subs come out like 2 days after the fact. They make waiting for the next episode a whole lot easier since I watch both the raw first and then the sub, kind of like having 2 episodes a week.

    1. Eva

      I agree, but at least it was bearable compared to other foreign voices from various animes that we can consider cringe-worthy.
      The only time the subs would be delayed is either the RAWS come out late, or one of their sub-editors have to prioritize RL activities. Other than that they are more or less on time. The latest they have ever been was releasing on a Thursday.

  7. nanon

    The Yuuya/Yuzu moments are always so sweet that I’m really dreading/looking forward to the imminent explosion when even more things hit the fan. BRING ON EPISODE 44 (DOUBLE DEATH NUMBERS WOO)
    Halil and Yuzu’s duel was pretty cute even though I was making stupid faces at the screen when Yuzu’s Pendulum debut got interrupted. Oh well… ((maybe she’ll pendulum summon against possessed!Yuuya later!??))
    That two on one duel between Yuuya and Ryouzanpaku was kind of weird, don’t you think? Like, more unfair than expected – in a battle royale, people aren’t allowed to attack until everyone else has had a turn right? But mouse-ears bandana went and attacked before ponytail first turn came and apparently that was all fine. I guess it was just a way to shave off time so they’d have space to introduce Dennis? B\?
    But did you see the “Em” in that card that Dennis used? Apparently he uses “Entermage” monsters! I wonder what sort of connection to everything he has.. his monster archetype seems full of stars and tophats as well!

    1. Eva

      Hahahaha! I was making stupid faces too when Yuzu’s Pendulum that interrupted too. They probably want to save it for a more relevant duel- unless she gets the chance to do it next week.
      I didn’t find the Yuuya’s match to be weird because we already know the Ryouzanpaku school who are trained to be ruthless douche-bags. Playing “fair” isn’t in their playbook. These guys will all have their own motives reflecting their drives and today, it was about getting revenge on a brother that was eliminated and ultimately crush Yuuya’s spirit (like they are taught to do to their opponents). Duel Turn Time wise, yeah I found it a bit iffy myself as I lost track of whose turn it was, Having the Action Cards be used two or three times within that short period of time made it difficult to keep track of since they were constantly inflicting damage.
      I didn’t see the “Em” in the card that Dennis used, but it would be cool if Entermage is a counterpart to Entermates. What I hear “Entermage”, the first thing that crosses my mind is Entertainment Magicians. We will have to wait and see, but it’d be cool if it does turn out to be a counterpart.

      1. nanon

        No reason it can’t be both (hopefully)! Since it seems that pendulum summoning from people other than Yuuya is becoming more normal, I hope that Yuzu will get pendulum cards that are more tailored for her. White Flower and White Butterfly are pretty, but plant and insect support doesn’t seem to do much for Yuzu’s deck..
        And yeah, I wasn’t surprised that Ryouzanpaku reveled in their rough play. It was that moment of “wait.. you’re not supposed to be able to attack yet..” but oh well.
        Good point about attacking Yuuya’s spirit though – how they kept goading him about the merciless way he beat Kachidoki and how that was actually Yuuya’s ‘true’ self. As an entertainment duelist, Yuuya probably also worries about whether or not the audience actually sees him that way now. If they’re now just wait for him to just “crack” in a duel.

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