Binan KouKou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love ~ Episode 11 [We were supposed to be friends forever.]

GO WATCH THIS EPISODE, hell watch this entire series. There are a few episodes you can stand to skip but this episode is just. It’s intense, it’s really intense and while keeping the tone it’s held the entire series manages to be dramatic and wonderful. It’s nothing very thought provoking or anything, it didn’t make me reevaluate my life or anything but it did manage to bring to a boil many of the plot points I’ve had issues with for a while now.

So, as we found out last episode. The fish at the press club is the big boss of Lord Zunder and that means he’s the big boss of the Caerula Adamas as well. What is the fish after? What’s the point? Why does it need to be entertaining? Is this being broadcast back to their home? They’ve taken over plenty of other planets apparently. Was their defeat broadcast to their home planet? What is their home planet? Is it the same as Wombat-sans?


Ah, so anyway. Since I don’t have an answer to any of those questions yet, let’s talk about the episode. So what’s the plot? Well it’s the school festival and every club has to do something for the festival. Whoever has the most popular booth gets a cash prize, so we’re left with the boys discussing what they want to do. Ryuu wants to do dating advice, Io wants to do money management seminars and Yufin wants to do…absolutely nothing.

Yumoto. having the mentality of a grade schooler wants to do a restaurant and wants to serve curry. Well, why not bring in the fact their transforming super heroes as well? So we have transforming heroes who sell curry.
Atsushi is apparently really good at making curry, so they designate him to make it.


We find out that the student council president hates curry. Odd thing to hate, even the other two members think so. Whatever though, sure it’s not that big of a…WAIT A SECOND, so you’re telling me, that what broke up Kinshiro and Atsushi’s friendship was curry? Okay, maybe not really actually the curry but Atsushi’s inability to function as a normal person and ask his friend what’s bothering him.
Like, are you kidding? If I came into school and my best friend seemed mad at me for a reason I couldn’t understand, i’d you know, TRY TALKING IT OUT WITH THEM!

Gah, so right. So the festival starts. They go out transformed without the filters on them because of ‘mumble mumble’, Gero and Arima are out looking around at all the booths. The president is getting work done when he smells something that offends him to his very core. Curry. He goes to investigate the smell and opens the door and…of course the club rooms are connected through the door. Why would I think it would be anything else?
You know what though? Because, it leads into Kinshiro losing his mind, going into hyper darkness mode and fighting with Atsushi? I don’t even care, the door itself might be lame but not the way it was used.

Hands down, the best part of this episode is when the student council and the battle lovers are standing next to each other, asking about the fight and then they look at each other like ‘Wait a second.’, I nearly died of laughter.


The thing that is driving me crazy and will till next week is a line that Yumoto’s brother says ‘Do they intend to do the same thing again?’, what does that mean? Has this happened before? Is this a time loop? Did this happen while he was at school? Why could he see through the technology last episode? Was it just brotherly love or something else?
Also, why do the battle lovers bracelets hurt them when they don’t transform? GAH, so many questions for only having one episode left. I swear to god if in the last few minutes it pulls something really dark that leads us into season 2, I will be really impressed. I’ve had a nagging feeling that this show was going to Madoka Magica us and I just can’t shake it with all the lingering plot points.


Also, has anyone else noticed how each Battle Lover and Caerula Adamas have one trait about them that’s blown out of proportion? How there is seven of them all together? How Yufin is you’d say, slothful. Ryuu lusts towards women,  Io is a money hungry or should we say, greedy person? I don’t know, I feel like i’m looking too had into this series sometimes but there is actually so much more going on then they want you to think.

Am I just overthinking a parody? Is there something deeper? Why didn’t they animate anything in the preview if they have nothing to hide from us? Find out the answer to all these questions and more on the next episode of, Binan KouKou Chikyuu Bouei-Bu Love!


3 thoughts on “Binan KouKou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love ~ Episode 11 [We were supposed to be friends forever.]

  1. “Okay, maybe not really actually the curry but Atsushi’s inability to function as a normal person and ask his friend what’s bothering him.”

    Or, you know, Atsushi could have just invited him to go to the curry place with him?

    1. pfft, inviting out your best friend for curry, maybe even if you know he doesn’t’ like it just to spend time together? Dang it Atsushi.

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