This was one of the better Conan crossovers to be sure, definitely the one I liked the best anyway. The episode starts out with Aoko waking Kaito up early on a Sunday morning and them eating breakfast together. Kaito turns on the news and hears that Suzuki-san has challenged Kaito Kid once AGAIN! Of course, far be it for Kaito to be able to turn down a challenge, so he downs his coffee and runs out the door.
A little bit later, he grabs Aoko and they go on a taste testing tour of the area where the jewels are going to be set later. He sees the layout of the area, Aoko says something that gives him an idea and showtime!


So people of TV land, tell me, how to get you from on the ground to on top of a building in 20 seconds? Well, that’s the trick that Kaito pulls here, it’s honestly quite the impressive feat of magic. Well this is the mystery that Conan has to find an answer too between night 1 and night 2. As Kaito swipes the jeweled shoes, he approaches the TV cameras and points out that one of them is a replica.
Put them real one on display and he’ll be back the next night for it.

There’s a scene of Conan talking with Ai, YAY Ai, I love you. Wish you were in this episode more, same to you Detective Mouri! I’m getting too used to the Japanese names….so anyway. the next night comes and the set up is different. They’ve moved everyone outside the nets and that just doesn’t work for Kaito’s magic trick. So he fires a card say that the show has been canceled. There’s no point to a magic show without a audience.


The crowd is upset, then Kaito, RILES THEM UP. Chanting, “Let us in!Let us in!” and lifts up the rope, people begin running through and filling the area around the jewels. Then, as a text, he approaches Conan and places his gun at the back of his head so he won’t turn around. He asks him Thurston’s laws of magic, and if he knew what they were. Conan answers on point, satisfied, Kaito leaves. Of course, not without bugging Conan first.

He listens in to Conan to see where he thinks he’s going to appear and, okay, let’s just face it. We all know Conan is smarter than that. So he catches on to Kaito’s trick, they explain the trick. it’s complicated, so I don’t feel like describing it. If you’re interested in his teleportation trick, watch the episode.
Kaito escapes and the rivalry continues. It’s hard to sum these episodes up because they’re all very much the same but this one had the trick I enjoyed the best and was just a lot of fun.


In the episode preview, Conan and Kaito fight with each other which ends in a promotion for the upcoming movie. Shameless promotion, oh well, See you guys, next illusion.


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  1. Tenshi

    This was a pretty good DC crossover and a solid episode overall. The teleportation trick was fun and Kaito is just <3 On a different note though, I NEED MORE KAITO X AOKO MOMENTS (that one skiing episode was fantastic)

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