Magic Kaito 1412 ~ Episode 22

What’s that, you wanted another episode of Kaito being an amazing human being? One full of feelings that make you all warm and fuzzy on the inside? That exactly the kind of episode we’re looking at here.
The beginning of the episode starts with Aoko bringing up that Kaitou Kid has sent out another advanced notice. This time his target is the worlds largest ruby, belonging to a magic troupe. Akako passes by and is like “Kid best not try to steal it, I hear it’s cursed.”


Kaito, hearing the jewel by it’s other name. Remembers something about his father and we cut over to the police office where Kid calls off the heist. Nakamori is confused by this and isn’t entirely sure it’s true.
Meanwhile! While going out to the movies, Aoko and Kaito are walking and Aoko gets pick pocketed by some random guy. As Kaito notices and goes to chase after him, a woman gets her wallet back for her and approaches them.

Who else should this woman be but the head of the magic troupe.


Who voices her disdain for magic and says that tonight will be the last show the troupe ever puts on. Then produces tickets for them, this would probably be the end of things. Kaito would go see the show with Aoko and the night would pass without incident. If Kaito hadn’t noticed the mysterious men in black stalking the troupe leader. It seems that they are also after the jewel.
Well, he can’t let that stand. It’s time to protect the lady and the jewel.

So, he ditches Aoko for the night and she ends up at the magic show with her Dad instead. The men in black have people planted in the audience, but so do the cops because Nakamori is a paranoid person like that.
The show goes on as normal for a little bit, cept for Paul. He seems to be performing a little better than usual tonight. Wonder what’s up with that, huh, probably nothing.


So, then there’s a smoke bomb, a fake Kaito Kid, people getting held hostage. Nakamori is totally duped by the fake Kid and led away from the real scene of the crime. Where they hold Jody Hopper hostage and threaten to start killing members of the troupe.
They even shoot Paul! Good thing that Paul is actually Kaito Kid wearing a bulletproof vest.

She thinks he’s out to steal the jewel as well, but alas, he says that he’s there to protect the jewel and herself. So, he takes her and they begin running. They’re followed by that mustache guy, they go up to the rotating restaurant up at the top of the hotel.
Just when you think they’re cornered, Kaito reveals that he had in fact tinkered with the rotating device. He makes it rotate faster, he takes Jody and himself and suspend themselves off the ground while the other guy is slammed up against the glass.


As the fake Kid flies by, Kaito breaks the glass around the mustache guy sending him crashing into the fake Kid. The rotating restaurant goes back to it’s normal spinning and we learn the secret behind the ruby, it explains why it’s blue! When exposed to fire, it creates a beautiful trick. Showing images and a letter, addressed to Jody. It’s from her grandfather, reminding her of the magic that she used to love so much before she became bitter over her parents death.

She regains her faith in magic and decides that she won’t shut the troupe down, we get a flashback of Kaito speaking with his father. Telling him about the jewel and the secret behind him, a beautiful magic trick put together by his magic mentor. Jody’s grandfather.


Outside the show, Aoko sees Kaito there and teases him about coming to see the show despite what he said earlier about not wanting to see a show put on by someone who couldn’t respect magic. He tells her that he could do all those tricks, which he really probably could.

Another episode reminding us that despite the fact that he’s a thief, he’s such a great person.


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  1. Random Person says:

    A little belated to ask, but I just want to know if you know A-1 Pictures skipped Akako’s Delivery Service- the chapter where Hakuba Saguru becomes suspicious of Kaito as Kid. I’m pretty sure a lot of people were confused on why Hakuba knew in the Chat Noir arc… ^_^’

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