Uwa… who thought it would be a good idea to pair these two together?

iM@S 11 Img009My initial thoughts were that Miku and Riina would each debut separately, with one episode devoted to each. The finale would then be used to resolve any conflict that may have arisen or to just wrap up the season in general. I’d never have guessed that they’d form a unit together given that their idol aspirations very much revolve around sticking to a single, specialized theme – it’s why I thought Ranko made a solo debut. This is like putting Ranko and Anzu together in a unit… okay, maybe it’s not as bad as that. But there’s an undeniable clash between nekomimis and rock, and it feels like neither idol will be able to completely focus on their image if in a unit like this. Producer did say he didn’t make his decision based on the fact that they were left over, but he never did explain his reasoning. Maybe it’s the clash? Like some sort of gap moe. At any rate, it was Love Live level of awkward to see their stage debut though. I was definitely cringing when the audience half-heartedly responded to the nya’s.

We also learnt more about both Miku and Riina. I always skip breakfast too! Of all the Cinderella Girls, I don’t really mind these two much as I do some of the others – Miku is a little annoying at times, but I prefer nya to Kirari for example. Riina is okay. Somehow, I wasn’t too surprised to learn that she couldn’t actually play the guitar (they’ve hinted that her love for rock might lie in its image more than anything else) but wow, Miku can’t stand fish?!

It feels like they’re setting something up with having Riina talking to her mother late at night, and Miku waking up to overhear their conversation. I’m not sure if that’s related to Miku’s willingness to let Riina debut first should Asterisk have decided to break up, but either way it was really big of her to concede that and ultimately go last given that she’s raised the most fuss over debuting.

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  1. Eva

    I was shocked as well to see the Miku and Riina be paired up together. While this wasn’t the greatest episode, it wasn’t the worst either. We at least were able to see development and effort between the two as they try their best to work together as unit for the sake of achieving their dream to debut. I think out of the whole cast, these two are the ones (especially Miku since the very beginning) who showed us the most desire to debut. While they had a hard time putting aside their difference, they were at least trying to make it work the minute they heard there was going to be an opportunity to perform at a festival. I give them props for that, and even more so to Miku when she selflessly put the offer on the table to let Riina debut before her if it didn’t work out.

    And that’s the thing I love about Miku. Sure she’s a flawed character and can be an annoyance at times, but she has a soft-heart and can be a selfless person. I think that’s important character trait to have since we have seen her act out selfishly.

    As for Riina, this episode didn’t make me feel to much towards her. Like you said, her love for rock doesn’t seem to be genuine and it’s just the “cool image” that she was to take up. Hopefully we will be given a bit more clarification about her character in the next season, but honestly I won’t be holding my breath for it unless they want to make her “image” backfire in a public event scenario- such as being questioned what are her favorite bands, like Miku had asked.

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