World Trigger Episode 19 (A new jerk approaches!)

 So, back to World Trigger where stuff is happening. Stuff sure indeed happens. Like oh boy, let me tell you. Stuff occurred, for sure. We continue the adventures of our trio, and how they’re making waves in Border’s group. Especially of interest is Osamu. How popular is he? He has his own stalker!


More on this asshole later.

Most of the episode focuses on the training and fighting and rising in the ranks. Naturally, Duckface is acing everything. It makes sense, but on the other hand, it feels very op gary stuish. Still, he can be fun in how he does his training.

Stealth training by a master

However, Duckface’s grinding through training looks like it will take a looong time. Like…19 weeks in order to get high enough. So he finds the much easier method, battles for points. He can battle people, the higher ranked, the more points, but you can also lose points in turn. We see some assholes who like picking on weaker rank, since even though its worth less points, because they’re too cowardly to dal with it. These are the the same privileged jerks from before. And of course, they come across Duckface.

He even comments on how these guys are the new idiot bullies.

And he whoops their ass. Oh, there’s also something else they mentioned this episode…what was it? Dang, I’m going to have to think..uhhhh…uhhhh…

Legit I actually forgot this plot point because this episode was kinda dull.

Basically, yeah, there’s a huge Neighbor invasion, even more bad then the one 4 years ago. Its going to be insane, and Border is trying to prepare. They mention using Duckface, since…you know, an actual Neighbor might prove useful in understanding, fighting, sabotage, all of that. But there’s a good amount of people who are against the idea, who hate Neighbors and would never want to work with them,.

“When did Neighbors have the right to eat crappy food in the same cafeteria as me?”

There’s this really interesting scene where asshole is like “I’d kill you, you stupid neighbor, but you’re on our side.” Duckface is like “dude, if you want revenge, I can help you get revenge on the people who ACTUALLY killed your family.” And he’s like “S-shut up, stupid Neighbor.”  Its interesting seeing Duckface be so different and nonchalant around guys who tried to kill him.  But what has Osamu been up to this episode?

I’d like to say I’m surprised….but I’m really not.

But  yeah, brown haired asshole, he specifically heard about how Osamu tied with an A rank, and decided to not only challenge him to  fight so he could beat him, but also making sure there was a huge crowd so that Osamu would be humiliated. He apparently didn’t like something good happening with Osamu, or the attention he and his team was getting. Anyway, this pisses off duck face, so he posts a challenge for almost all the points.



That’s the condition for the new asshole losing. He has to show respect to Osamu, who he humiliated. And that’s where we leave this episode. Overall, it progresses the group’s growing, controversy, and then showing this bombshell plot point of a Neighbor invasion. Overall, things are happening, but I’m quickly losing my interest again. I admit I’ve been enjoying this series more than Hideki due to being more alright with normal shonen tropes. This series looks like it will go on for a while, and I hope there will be more surprises and dramatic turns to liven up this whole training exams arc.







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