Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic Episode 1 [First Impression]

The time has come, and so have I.


This is too amazing. Kiniro Mosaic is too amazing.

I feel so cleansed! And happy! I might just be in a good mood today, but that could not have been any better. It was too adorable. We had some hilarious lines, from “Aya-chan, can I use the telephone game to tell her the answer?” and “Want to wear my parka? I warmed it up for you!” to “Why do I keep thinking about Youko? It’s not like we’re in a long-distance relationship!” And that moment when Karen flashes a dazzling smile towards Kuzehashi-sensei and yells “DON’T MIND!” had me in stitches. I love Kongou, so it should be no surprise to learn that I love Karen too. A smile just like Karen’s was permanently plastered on my face throughout the episode.


I think I might have missed this more than I thought – it’s been almost two years since the first season after all. Kiniro Mosaic really, really deserves its spot alongside Non Non Biyori and Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka? as one of the big three recent iyashikei anime. Of course, the three are slightly different – this focuses a lot on comedy, Non Non Biyori is calm and idyllic, and Gochiusa has this ‘fuwa fuwa’ feel to it. You know what I mean. In all of them, though, everything is fluffy and nothing hurts. And that’s exactly why they are beautiful.

This is the road to the world peace Shino dreams of. This is salvation in anime.

This is… this is the best.

Kiniro 1 Img007

I mean, these girls look so happy every morning. They derive such happiness from greeting each other in the morning, and… and that makes me happy too. Even Youko crosses out the idea of Shino having ulterior motives – Shino is too sweet for that! Though if you ask me, I think she’s not as worried as Alice is over not being in the same class any more, since she’s got Karen with her this year. The writers are monsters, by the way – why would you turn Ayaya x Youko into a long-distance relationship?! Aya even rushes adorably over after first period to ‘see Alice’, you know? There are certain things you shouldn’t joke about!

Kiniro 1 Img045

Kiniro Mosaic is wonderful. The OP alone makes me smile. But from a blogging perspective, it’s pretty hard to come up with stuff to say every week – I have never successfully finished blogging a ‘pure’ slice of life series yet, if you don’t count Yuru Yuri. That won’t stop me from trying, though. So for as long as I can manage, join me for Kinpatsu Shoujo the Animation, as we enjoy the second season of the longest homestay ever!

Possibility of Watching: Guaranteed
Possibility of Blogging: Unknown

0 thoughts on “Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic Episode 1 [First Impression]

  1. I actually just finished showing the first season of this to family, so it’s pretty fresh in my mind, but I’m delighted to see more nonetheless (as if someone could NOT want more of this series: ha!).

    I love some happy, peaceful, fluffy, heartwarming anime.

    Poor Ayaya! What sort of monsters separate her from Yoko?!

    …Whole episode is just too adorable. Can’t comment on any one thing. Gonna collapse from happiness overdose.

    1. And to think! This is going to be a thing every Sunday for the next few months! Is this the real life?

  2. And so have I! 😀

    It’s like those 2 years between the 2 seasons never existed after watching all 13 episodes in one sitting o I’m glad I did this. It was magical. This was the first time I ever watched an anime because of a voice actress. It’s also the first I’ve ever watched such an intentionally cute and iyashikei anime and… it was really pleasant!

    When I try to watch a whole series in one go, even some of the best out there, I either have my attention stolen by something video-game related, or my heart needs a break from the intensity. But this was just gentle and pleasant all throughout ^_^ I’m actually hoping to cheer a friend up with this after watching it also due to you dropping that iyashikei term that I’ve never heard before. I had no idea that there were anime were created for such a purpose!

    So, Kongou became Karen and Kaga became Kuzehashi. A teacher, how fitting 😮 Speaking of Kongou, apparently this is how she was supposed to look (minus the blonde hair). Smashing, I say! – safebooru.donmai.us/posts/1962852

    1. >iyashikei term that I’ve never heard before

      I’m actually so envious of you right now, because you have so, so many wonderful moments awaiting you. It’s usually but not always a subset of ‘cute girls doing cute things’, and is unquestionably my favourite genre of anime. I recommend Aria the Animation, or if you want a manga, Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou. Those two are generally regarded as being among the best examples of iyashikei. And in my opinion, Aria is just the best full stop.

      I prefer Kongou as a brunette! But I do get the point behind making her a blonde, given her British roots and all the Engrish. Karen can fill in for her until Kancolle S2!

      1. Aria the Animation, Aria the Natural, Aria the Origination: those are the three seasons of the Aria series, in order. Aria may well be my favorite anime of all time, and is unquestionably the best at soothing away the stress in one’s life.

        1. -Wanderer-
          Thank you for the guiding words. I very much intended to watch this series after witnessing you and Vantage praising it during Kancolle. Well, the concept of it also swayed me, no doubt 🙂 Out of curiosity, have you shown that series to your family too?

          Kiniro Mosaic… Thinking back on it, despite only having “ended” a few hours ago it feels like a dream. I don’t recall things instantly with a shock value. Rather, I remember like the real dreams I’m fortunate enough to keep in mind. It’s just one pleasant memory to recall after another. I wonder if it feels like that for them, too.

          I only began watching anime on a seasonal basis when Captain Earth came about, which is how I came to follow my first anime coverage blog. As I said to Wanderer, I’ll definitely be going into Aria closer to when it’s about to be released. Tomorrow I have my sights set on something else with only one first season to blaze through.

          I’ll believe in your words fully! Honestly, animation in general started out to bring us pleasant stories about lives, whether based in reality or not. So thinking about it that way it’s pretty easy to understand why you’d say Aria is the best.

          As for the portion with Kongou, historically her ship was black and so that’s probably the most significant part of this Player 2 style alternate costume. I think replacing the black with the white on the Kongou sisters would suit them really well! Well… there’s always Kai-3. I hope.

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