Kyoukai no Rinne Episode 3: Freak of the Club Building

Here in this episode, we learn that Rokudou is both human and shinigami, and again it all has to do with his grandmother, whose name is Tamako. When she was about to reap a man, who only had a minute to live, she thought he was handsome and soon fell in love with him. She pulled some strings, and made that man’s life 50 years longer. They got married, and she was allowed to live in the human world, but only with the condition that her work quota increase and she pays it off, but if she doesn’t, her grandchildren will. Well, she didn’t. And now poor Rokudou is the one having to handle all her work. So because of his grandma and grandpa, Rokudou is half human half shinigami. Sakura asks about his parents, but says he doesn’t know since he was raised by his grandfather.

But recently Rokudou’s grandfather died, so now he lives in the school’s old club building, which Sakura’s friend think is haunted. Not wanting to pay rent at his rental place, he moved in to the old building. He’s really poor. He has half the strength of a normal shinigami, so he needs to use the tools more often, which costs money. I don’t know why you would need to pay to use the tools, but it really is pitiable that Rokudou barely has any money.

[HorribleSubs] Kyoukai no Rinne - 03 [1080p].mkv0075When Sakura walks home, she runs into an injured kitty. She takes it home to treat it and feed it. She gives it some milk and food, and when she turns back, the cat hops out her window with a bowl of rice, where she follows after it though the Spirit Way, and winds up at the old club building. The kitty’s body and face change to a bigger cat with the face of a little boy, and he can talk. His name is Rokumon, and he says that Tamako sent him to Rokudou to help him out. Rokudou refuses repeatedly, no matter what bribes and teasing Rokumon tries. Which would be free shipping, detergent, or some special ghost food. But nothing. Rokudou kicks him away then takes Sakura home, where Rokumon shows up again. He speaks with Sakura about Tamako’s debt. He then requests her to take a bunch of students to the building, where he plans to scare them so the students will put more offerings into the box, and help Rokudou out.

The real reason he’s trying to be recruited by Rokudou is because his grandmother fired him, and he wanted Rokudou’s help. Rokudou found out through a letter Rokumon dropped, and again refuses to take him in because he can’t help. A giant rat ghost appears and attacks everyone when a demolishing crew tries to take down the building. And the reason it’s so big is because of the spirit food Rokumon had that was thrown out. Rokudou tries to handle it, but needs a tool to take it down, but he doesn’t have the money and Sakura forgot her wallet. But Rokumon handles the rat, and defeats it easily. And in the end, because of how convenient and cheap Rokumon is, Rokudou decides to take him in in the end.

I’ll say, that the show with only Rokudou and Sakura has been a little boring, since both characters are kinda bland to me. I hope to see Rokumon bring more fun, along with another new character next episode. This episode was pretty okay, but so far this show has only been okay to me.


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  1. Well, there was certainly a useful development here and the story with Tamako was rather sweet. I think this series can stand on its own despite the Inuyasha themes it’s living off of.

    I feel it’ll be like one of those series that’s just about a person’s every day life, except this tackles both work and school, life and death and of course the job here isn’t animating or cooking, but being a shinigami. I think that can work.

    As for whether the plot will have an absolute goal to reach eventually rather than being more or less about everyday struggles, we’ll see. It’s certainly possible here since the job in question definitely has deeper, more complex and darker sides to it.

    Rokudou just hasn’t had to touch those aspects to pay off the debt thus far. When and if he does, it won’t be a surprise in the way that finding out there’s a black market portion to your company, or uncovering some company conspiracy would be. It’ll just feel like a more or less natural progression.

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