Owari no Seraph Episode 4 [ The Search For More Gay Boyfriends ]

Owari is serving to stay relevant each week as nuances are revealed, but as the episode showed last time and the name of the episode suggests, the focus of this episode now halves Yu’s screentime in order to give Mika a shot. He has returned in full force as a vampire, and with the help of the flashbacks? We have seen that not only did he not want it, but the Queen of the Vampires and one of the very first forced him to drink her blood to become one. Harsh, my precious Mika. Incidentally, Mika is easily my favorite character despite the delay in his appearance. Mmm. Mika.

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What’s interesting is this episode we see exactly how Ferid, loli killer, and Mika survived. This also introduces the ‘Queen’ and first progenitor, Krul Tepes. Which really sounds exactly like Cruel Tempest and I’m hoping that was the point because that’d be pretty cool. But what’s very interesting is the terminology used: You let the Seraphs I had here escape on purpose, now one is gone and the other is nearly dead. Think back to episode one and how Yu is meant to be of prophecy: well now we can guess as to a little more a bit further down the road.

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I kind of like Ferid a lot more after watching him get his ass kicked by Krul. The two are kind of endearing in their hateful mutual existence with one another, and Krul in particular can destroy anyone and everyone: even Ferid who we saw destroy all. Hey Vantage don’t worry a loli literally rules all in this show. They do a lot of important stuff but it’s really at the end, meanwhile Yu is busy fighting a megane and becoming super best friends with him. Protip: Megane-kun punches Yu. Yu punches him. Goes back and forth.

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The Yu portion of the episode was a little bland at times because it’s predictable: Megane has a sister that’s sick and he needs to be in the Company in order to get her medical care, something goes wrong during testing and Yu makes him go which earns him low marks. Not to mention Yu and Megane hate each other so they got paired up!!!! It was a little bland but the vampire related pieces were cool enough, not to mention we’re getting the weapons next episode or so, so I’m sure things will pick up for Yu and everyone. Still, did they have to spoil us as to every character’s abilities in the OPENING of all things? No surprises for this show.

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On the vampire side we actually learn something big: The vampires are all ruling to wipe out the Demon Company, and cite that it has something to do with the Seraph of the End and what happened 8 years ago. They claim to be the one’s who actually want to stop it, though we don’t know what ‘it’ is, and I’m actually theorizing heavily. Krul called Mika and Yu Seraphs, and Yu is the focus of some prophecy as we saw in episode 1. I’m theorizing that the ‘Seraph of the End’ is actually Yu and could be Mika, if something were to happen. The reason they’re so close has to do with this and they’re intertwined into whatever it is. That’s my guess, I’m shooting for it.

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Next week we can finally get weapons and demon curses! I’m only hoping the animation is as awesome as Guren’s weapons. Keep up the animation, Owari no Seraph, hot damn you’re pretty.


One thought on “Owari no Seraph Episode 4 [ The Search For More Gay Boyfriends ]”

  1. I love how Shinoa isn’t just proper in front of those she has jurisdiction over, but Guren and higher-ups as well… except for when she’s “enjoying the show”. Well, when your job is to watch people I suppose you’re tempted to let things be at times. Krul Tepes and your interpretation of her name are pretty awesome. Good thinking there.

    The ‘Seraph of the End’ sounds like a gene-related thing. Mika and Yuu weren’t the only children from the Hyakuya labs as Guren implied in episode 1. However, they’re probably the only ones left now as Krul implied, so you’re spot on about SotE being about them both. It… kind of sets up a race, huh? Ferid did say the was meddling in something she shouldn’t and Guren knows about some prophetic potential in Yuu. So can humanity recover their interrupted experiment before the Vampires unravel its secret? We’ll see.

    Something about the ‘End’ part of the name and the fact that the Progenitor Council says the humans’ meddling in it again may cause a plague like 8 years ago makes it sound like a doomsday ordeal, rather than a tool to fight vampires specifically. Unless the idea was to wipe out most of the Vampires’ food source and then kill them…

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