Shokugeki no Soma Episode 3: The Chef Who Never Smiles

Poor Megumi.


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I love how they put in the effort to have Megumi speak in an accent while she was in the countryside! Her voice is not as wonderful as Erina-sama’s, but I still think she was done really well! All her screams of misfortune and inner monologues were great. She’s the protagonist that Soma never will be – a normal girl who has been good enough at cooking thus far to be accepted into Tootsuki, but has had a combination of anxiety and maybe a bit of bad luck drag her down. That, and the fact that there are some seriously talented cooks around as well. Imagine what they have to go through to have the number of people in a year group drop by 90% after their very first year. You’d actually think there would be fewer people at that entrance ceremony given how hard it must have been to survive the middle school division – but clearly they took a standard, non-Erina transfer exam instead of the transfer one that Soma went through. I think she feels like she’s thoroughly losing at the moment, actually – especially as she did in fact reject him. It was her grandfather that put him through (and that in itself hints more at Soma’s power levels) but Soma probably thinks she was just being tsun and didn’t want to tell him up-front that his cooking was delicious. Oh dear.

Shokugeki 3 Img029I’m sure it was fairly predictable, even to non-manga readers that Soma would be the one to make the French cuisine teacher smile, despite being known as ‘the chef who never smiles’. And it was an innovative solution yet again, with lots of generous fanservice in the aftermath. Soma was almost asking to get picked on, but I did feel sorry for poor Megumi, given that she had done nothing wrong and just happened to pair up with him. At least, I don’t think they had anything against Megumi either. In the end, apart from Megumi we’ve still only come across fodder students so far – I doubt a serious chef would want to crush Soma like that. At the entrance ceremony, they did actually hint at many of the challenges Soma would face – not that it isn’t easy to tell apart who a background character is and who isn’t. I think Takumi is up first – the blonde boy who was annoyed by Soma’s speech at the entrance ceremony.

Yes, okay. I know what you’re after.

Here’s Megumi covered in honey.

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0 thoughts on “Shokugeki no Soma Episode 3: The Chef Who Never Smiles

  1. AH Megumi-chan showed up<3 She's the best girl in SnS for sure (at least in my opinion). I mean she's just A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E. And I'm satisfied with her voice acting, they did a pretty good job. I believe her voice actor is Takahashi Minami from AKB48, so that's pretty cool. I also enjoyed the Kansai accent part.
    And Soma was hilarious as always XD he's just so cocky but such a plebian at the same time. Gotta love him too. Oh and that's not forget everyone else who hasn't really shown up yet, and Erina (although Megumi is the best).

    1. I thought it was the Takamina from AKB at first too! I think some of them do voice acting stuff though, either AKB0048 or otherwise.

      I know Megumi has quite a fanbase, haha! Not sure if I’m devoted to a best girl for this series… all the other main girls apart from Erina and Megumi seem to have their little arcs, then aren’t too relevant any more.

      1. Yeah it’s basically Team Erina vs Team Megumi. The others just have fanbases and an ice cube’s chance in hell of winning (I think I quoted Erina on that one? Or at least some anime character)

    1. I want to hear Alice too! And given the recent manga events I’m looking forward to Shinomiya and Hinako as well!

  2. So, I finally got around to a 3 course viewing of this series today. Best episode yet! Megumi is the best girl so far!

    Granted, I’m biased since she was the one I was most interested in from the PV (Soma goes without saying), I really like her humility even if it is a bit excessive and I’ve got to love how her and the ‘Chef who never smiles’ had such tame and frankly, more appropriate reactions to Soma and Megumi’s efforts (bathing in honey>waterfall jukebox, torn clothes>no clothes, clothed Soma>naked Soma, etc)! The teacher’s smile was precious in its own way.

    I hope that she and Souma get really cozy together :’)… but dammit Soma. He had a victory this time and he still fed an innocent and admiring friend his crazy concoctions :T

    I can’t help but see Erina as Ashigara’s daughter, especially since she fits the ‘Hungry Wolf’ title in a culinary sense. Anyway, thanks for continuing to cover this and giving us hints of what’s to come, Vantage!

    1. It’ll only get tamer from here, if I remember correctly. The first few chapters and episodes is about as fanservicey as it gets – an overall plot starts to reveal itself, and with that the whole ‘challenger of the week’ feeling starts to fade away. And both Erina and Ashigara are voiced by Taneda Risa!

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