Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 24: Listen Properly During Lectures!

oh shit

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I really love the Takizawa segments. A couple of poor doves are guaranteed to die every time he gets a couple of panels to himself, and at this point the remaining guy must be feeling terribly frightened. Takizawa is clearly insane, but it looks like his descent into insanity has had him discover a couple of very philosophical things about life that he decided to tell his soon-to-be victims before ripping their heads off. He probably had a lot of time to ponder during whatever torture it was that turned his hair white and his fingernails black. I was actually anticipating the moment when an investigator would realize that the ghoul before them was someone they had known – and I definitely didn’t think he would react like that. I mean, he was completely beyond caring! I wonder how that one dove even recognized it was Takizawa. Look at the change!

Even though there’s a little bit on Takizawa each week, I think the focus and suspense is very much now on Urie and Mutsuki. I call absolute bullshit on Urie ‘messing up’ and getting ‘confused’, by the way – and I have a feeling that Mutsuki has as well. Mutsuki is too nice of a person, seriously. Ironically, the fact that Urie has decided to go in another direction means that he’s now heading away from wherever Takizawa is, which will definitely save his life. It’s just that it’s incredibly overconfident of him to think he can take on hundreds of ghouls at the same time, so that he can get all the shiny awards he wants. He’s what, Rank 2? Even if the ghouls participating at the auction aren’t all great at combat, hence why Aogiri Tree was employed to guard them in the first place, it’s still really arrogant to think that a Rank 2 can take out that many ghouls. I don’t think he’ll die, but I hope he gets enough of a beating that’ll make him cool his head a bit.

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There’s not much I want to say about Naki, other than that he’s clearly losing – what’s more important is that Hinami (I think it’s her, I’m not sure who Yotsume would otherwise be) is near Naki, and has now heard the name ‘First-Class Mado’ which she will recognize. I’m sure she’ll move in to save Naki, but not because she wants to save Naki, if you know what I mean. Please stay safe, Hinami…

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  1. At least the female dove that died in this chapter got to die with hope being her final feeling, as opposed to the one who died to Nutcracker knowing her “beauty” would be wasted in the next second ._.

    I… guess Takizawa doesn’t want to be saved, but he’s a lot more composed than I thought he would be, so perhaps he isn’t beyond saving. I mean, Yoshimura had faith that Eto could be saved by Kaneki, so hopefully Takizawa will be a trial run for him. Of course, as this chapter is setting up, Kaneki will have to learn to hold his own against Takizawa before he can ever dream of breaking the hold Eto has on him.

    I wonder if Mutsuki will have reservations about eating Ghouls in order to regenerate. Although, if any eating happens for that effect, I wouldn’t be surprised if Urie just stuffed her mouth like Touka stuffed Kaneki’s, in order to ensure he doesn’t look too bad for taking her into another fight before getting treatment.

    I wonder how much of a chance Akira really has against Hinami. Even her old man would’ve been taken out by Hinami if she hadn’t been frozen after her bout of rage and sorrow. It seems that hybrid Ghouls give Doves quite the trouble. Ah, even if they did fight and Hinami was winning I doubt she’d kill Akira. Revenge wasn’t her priority back then and I doubt it will be now.

    Breaking that damned trophy that Akira made out of her father, well, that’s a different story… and I’d love to see Akira know how Amon felt every time Kaneki broke his Quinque, haha.

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