Also known as ‘shit hits the fan’ the episode. So after their long planned Assassination attempt, the kids finally implement it on Koro-sensei. I have to say, this was a really well thought out plan. If it wasn’t for Dues ex Machina super protective mode. Koro-sensei would be…well dead. Instead he’s stuck inside a ball of protective energy for 24 hours totally unable to move.

Let’s see, what was the best part of this assassination? I’d say, pulling away the bamboo cage and making a water cage around him. That was super clever and I loved it, though. Since he’s weak to water, in the end why didn’t they just leave the ball of floating energy in the water? He’d come back, but he’d immediately get water all up inside of him…
They don’t give a reason they don’t do this, they just…don’t.


I do like the part where Karma has the little ball and he places a small screen with the embaressing movie in front of it, also puts a sea slug on it. He could of spent an entire 24 hours torturing Koro-sensei like that. Too bad he got the ball of Koro-sensei taken away from him.

Oh if only their assassination attempt hadn’t gone so well, then half of them wouldn’t be dying of a virus. Oh wait, I feel like i skipped something. Oh right, a third party has joined the fray and infected half the students with a virus of his own making, and of course, he has the only antidote. His demands? Two of the smallest students in the class bring him Koro-sensei in his ball form.
So they can kill him, when the time comes.


It’s a good thing that Koro-sensei and Ritsu have a plan, to sneak in the side and head up the mountain, into the hotel to get the antidote and help the students who got infected.
That’s it for the bulk of the episode, after the credits was a few small segments on Bitch-sensei and her techniques when it comes to assassination. I have to say my favorite one by far is the ability to change the color of her face. Such as blush, or look ill on command. When showing it to the students, they called her a cheap Koro-sensei rip off.
That had me in stitches.


Gotta say, this was a good episode. I like where this arc is going, however, I still feel as if the series ending should of been right before the island arc, then they could foreshadow towards it for season 2. I mean, don’t get me wrong, i’m sure the manga has a lot of amazing content beyond this arc. However, I think it would of been a neat and fast paced way to start up the new season.
It’s the kind of concept that really hooks you, students dying, a highly dangerous mission. I would be on the edge of my seat waiting for season two. However, instead we’ll see the resolution to this arc before the end of the season.

Oh well, that’s the companies decision, not mine.


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  1. I.D. nameless

    well, as far as leaving him in water, i guess it’s the same as leaving hiim in anti-sensei material: he’ll just blast it away and run before it gets to him. Cool and elaborate attempt, but the praise of surpasing the world’s armies seemed a bit far-fetched to me: the army never had the advantage of such an obedient target that just walks into their traps.

  2. João Carlos

    Well, now we are at the “shit hit the fan” time, but if you are reading the manga you know there is a time when “the fan hit shit”…

    1. miyuki

      shhhhhh. they mustn’t quite know yet.

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