“I am the bone of my sword, 
Unknown to Death, 
Nor to life. 

Unlimited Blade Works!”


Here we are, the pivotal part of the series in which we discover what manor of Heroic Spirit that Archer is. The episode picks up where the last one left off, with Archer saying that his sole objective is to kill Shirou Emiya. Saber despite no longer being Shirou’s servant, her promise to protect him still stands. Okay, let’s just, stop right here and prepare for a mess of feelings.

Archer points out that he should of never become a hero. It’s no spoiler by this part of the series to say that in essence, Shirou is saying he should of never become a hero. He should of never fulfilled his promise to Kiritsugu, the dream he tried so hard to achieve.  A dream that seems so far out of reach.
His one dream, his one ideal, betrayed him. Over and over. To the point that he’s come to resent humanity for it. He was barred from finding happiness even in death. To hear such a thing like ‘I should not of become a hero’ from Shirou is just heartbreaking.
He regrets the last promise he made to his father figure.


However, without a master, Saber doesn’t have the mana to fight and keep her body without a master. Shirou steps in to fight on his own, when Archer brings down Shirou. There is only one thing to do….

THE GIRL PACT IS ACTIVATED! Rin and Saber make a servant/master pact! WHOO, Rin’s dream of being the master of Saber has been achieved. I mean, we all know it’s what she wanted from the start, it just, came about in a different way than planned. That when Archer whips out the reality marble.
What this route is named after.


The unlimited blade works. however, it doesn’t last too long. Shirou knocks a few swords out of the way and then Archer has to retreat due to lack of mana and with that he kidnaps Rin. Wanting to face Shirou, or else.
So Shirou sets up a meeting with him at the old Einzbern castle, it’s the least likely place for them to be disturbed….

OR SO THEY THOUGHT, ENTER SHINJI [the worm] and Gilgamesh. Who are after Tohsaka, and Archer is like, “Yeah sure, you can have her when I’m done with her.”
Shinji is such a creeper, I honestly don’t want to imagine the kinds of things he would of done to a tied up Rin if Archer hadn’t said that she needed to be unharmed until he took care of Shirou. Shinji standing there, going on about how she’s been betrayed by her servant. Well uh, ex-servant really. She has Saber now, but you don’t need to know that you creature that is lower than dirt.


Now, for a moment that I know A LOT of people were waiting for. As Archer walks towards the door, passing Gilgamesh, the whisper of “Faker”. A fake hero, person that only replicates things he’s seen. Faker, there has probably been no truer words spoke about Archer and to hear them from Gilgamesh is kind of….awkward. It’s a moment that sends chills down your spine.


Meanwhile, Saber and Shirou let Shirou heal up a bit. They also run into Lancer, who Saber immediately tries to defend Shirou against him. Of course, Shirou steps in and tells Saber about the alliance. I have to admit, I got a good kick out of Saber asking “What manner of spell did you and Rin use to bring him over to your side.”. Well uh, Saber, Shirou used the stupidly naive and adorable spell.
Rin used the ‘I am tsundere and amazing’ and combined with the orders of ‘Lancers’ master, that worked. Speaking of Lancers master, I have a strong feelings we will be seeing them soon.


Well, dawn is approaching and the battle between Shirou and future Shirou is at hand. Saber needs to save Rin, Shirou needs to face himself, Shinji needs to die in a horrid fire and…wait a second, what’s this? Coma victims at the Ryuudo temple? Oh yeah, all those poor monks that Caster had under her spell, on that note, what’s to become of Assassin?
I know a few spoilers for next week and I’m just, not, ready. I’m never ready for the Fate feels!


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  1. Wanderer

    Shinji… the single most despicible THING ever to exist in the Fate universe. It possesses no redeeming qualities at all, and pretty clearly has been written for the sole purpose of making people hate it. It isn’t even worthy of being considered a person. The only enjoyable part of having it in the story is seeing it get killed in an appropriately karmic sort of way.

  2. Shiki

    Shinji is really despicible, so congratulations on creating such a character and after reading the HF route, i hate him even more. There is probably only one thing i dislike about UB but that would probably count as a spoiler at this point.
    At least the english from archer is nice when thinking about other ppl with certain language problems lol

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