It’s another breather week with Family Day. Haruka has been looking forward to this gathering, especially since she will be able to see her beloved little sister, Momoka and her parents again. Unfortunately for her, she did not receive the warm reunion she was expecting to have with her sister. Instead, Momoka disregards everything she says along with ignoring her friends. Kirara and Minami step up to try and help ease out the tension between them. Minami tells Haruka of how she has been in Momoka’s shoes, and how she felt lonely when her big brother left to Noble Academy, while Kirara talks to Momoka, telling her how her mother is a busy person and she rarely gets to see her, so it’s normal to feel lonely when a family member isn’t around. Poor Momoka couldn’t channel her feelings properly, her loneliness got the better of her. She has always been a huge supporter of Haruka’s ambitions to attend Noble Academy, and even bragged about it once she did enroll, but she missed her dearly. Once they understood each other’s feelings, they apologized and made up with each other.

What I liked about this episode was not only Haruka’s relationship with her sister, but how her family’s dream is to support her dream. Haruka up till this point thought dreams were meant to be accomplished on your own, but when she came to understand her family’s dream is for her dream to come true, the support they provide to her is another source to fire up her motivation to accomplish that dream even more. In fact, that is the primary reason why this week’s fight was so much fun to watch. Seeing Haruka protect the tiara Momoka had made for her, and desire to protect both her family and their dream, Haruka was FIRED UP. Shut ticked her off by belittling her family’s dream and so she went all out and punished him for it.

Princess Twilight continues to be badass even after a loss. She told off Shut how she despises ugly things who can’t accept defeat. It was interesting however to hear from her how she could sense Haruka’s feelings from the heart. Frankly speaking, I sure hope Twilight is not going to be wavered by the Haruka’s strong feelings any time soon because I don’t know about you, but that would irk the heck out of me me to see her waver this soon into the series. I like Twilight as a villain, so regardless of whether or not she is in store to jump ships and undergo a redemption phase, I hope it won’t happen too soon.

Oh that note, I wanted to talk a bit about Shut:
So here we have the Princess Precures gradually growing stronger each episode. They have defeated Close, who is no longer part of the world (for now). Now we have Twilight step in, and since then Shut has been by her side getting a power boost from her, yet even that isn’t enough to defeat them. With that kind of scenario in place, it puts Shut in a difficult position because it feels as if they have rendered him to be useless on his own. That means if he were to go after the Precure without any assistance or buff up in advance, it doesn’t make him much of a threat to the girls nor the audience.
Lock on the other hand, is the only one who we have seen (besides Twilight) challenge the girls. But even so, that was before they obtained the Princess Rods. We can only hope Lock was taking it really easy during that encounter and is more powerful when he’s in it to win it. That being said, with how the past few episodes have been developing, I am curious to see what they plan to do with our set of villains in this series. If my suspicions of there being more corrupted Dress-Up Keys or a darker counterpart of the keys, there is a chance some more new powerful characters will enter the scene later on into the series. It is needless to say it is still very early on, but it is precisely because of the rapid development which makes me wonder what is in store for the future of our villains.

With the ballet recital closing the episode, it was nice to know that while off-screen, Haruka has been continuing to take her ballet lessons.

Next week, Aroma and Pafu are taking on their human forms! I wonder what brought that up?


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  1. jankenpon ♪

    i agree, i hope they don’t rush twilight into having herseft be a precure, even though they might do another cure ace thing again:(, and shut it such a suck up it’s so funny!!!

    1. Eva

      Didn’t you know? He’s the founder and leader of the Princess Twilight Fanclub! xD

  2. Keiko

    Haru-Haru’s sermon to her imouto Momoka really reminds me of the first 2 Cure leaders, Black and Bloom, who had the same thing to their own sibs and we haven’t seen a leader with a sib for a while since Heart Catch.
    Mr Haruno, well as usual as funny as ever like we’ve seen in the pilot episode, while Yuuki-kun continues to get teased on our blooming Haru-Haru this time on the doriyaki. I was surprised to the fact that her family has a Japanese food store (looks we have another Cure leader with a food business) as well as the doriyakis were became popular. I terribly laughed on Yui-Yui’s reaction on tasting the doriyaki.
    Bad-ass Twilight is bad-ass as ever, no regrets, period. And then Flora gets mad, not the usual mad, but as hot as the burning sun when her family has turned into a Zetsuborg with some backup of course. Still, I have a feeling that the so-called rivalry between Flora and Twilight will become more intense in the coming episodes plus super excited about Puff and Aroma’s human forms. >_<

    1. Eva

      BRING ON THE RIVALRY! 8D ♪ “Anything you can do I can do better; I can do anything better than you!” ♫ LOLOLOLOLOL.

      1. Keiko

        Angry Flora is angry, as erupted as an explosive volcano. But it’s a common thing also to a Cure leader and a tendency to do so.

  3. Wanderer

    As folks might guess, given my comment last week, I was delighted to see Haruka performing with the ballet group. Proof, at last, that she isn’t just jumping from “ooh, that’ll make me like a princess” to “ooh, now THAT will make me like a princess” to “OOOOH now THAT will really make me like a princess” without a care for the things she’s begun. She’s actually following through with each one, sticking with it. I approve.

    1. DocAstaroth

      I think she will develop quite the set of skills during the series, that connects her with all the characters she meets: Dancing with Minami, fashion with Kirara, playing violine with Princess Twilight, etc.
      Still I’m curious, with the fourth Precure: Haruka is strength, Minami is kindness, Kirara is beauty, but what will the last one represent? Dignity? Stalwart?

  4. HoHo

    Overall, this is a nice episode. I always love to watch when the character show their love to their family. Momoka is cute. But Haruka is actually cuter. I like her expression when she tried to talk and got ignored by her little sister. I believe that Twilight will join the Cure in the future. But I don’t think that she will have a change of heart any time soon. According to the past, I guess that it should happen around episode 22. At this point, she just started to notice our heroine power. She should know by now that it was a bad idea to make Flora angry.
    Momoka’s voice actor is poor. Her voice is not natural especially when she was crying. I rarely complain about the voice actor. But this time, I feel that it’s very noticeable. I’m a bit annoyed with Yuuki in this episode. I really hope that Toei doesn’t bring romance to this series. The ending is good. But It would be better if that ballet recital was animated. Next episode is Lock time. I wonder if he will fight alone or not. Because I don’t feel like he want to be Twilight’s lackey like Shut. According to the preview, I suspect that Aroma and Pafu transformation are related with what Miss Shamour said to Aroma.

    1. Eva

      BWAHAHAHA, angry Flora is the best thing ever. XD I’m surprised though to hear you were annoyed a bit with Yuuki in this episode, it didn’t even cross my mind at all about any indication of developing romance. But I think it’s safe to say even Yuuki’s crush won’t be going anywhere. It will probably be only a crush, any nothing more.
      Yeah here’s to hoping Lock will be a solo artist and use his own power to be a threat!!

  5. littleshogun

    Momoka voice well, kinda flat. But then again based on MAL she is still 14 now (I knew she also had some role in the past), and since most of her teammate at the recording is obviously older than her, I think she also nervous (And probably also regarding the deadline). Teenager usually have some problem with nervousness and confidence iirc. My opinion is that other than she can’t cry well, I think everything else is fine enough imo. Let’s hope that if she appear again in future her voice will be improve as well.
    About Haruka is cuter, is it quite scary actually I had the same though as you when I saw preview of episode 14 last week lol. For Twilight case I think my opinion is the same as you for now, but still not 100% certain yet (Damn you Ace).
    Well, that’s all from me.

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