Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Episode 5

This week, Bell gains the ability to use magic, FireBolt, Swift Strike Magic. The process of determining what kind of magic he would wield was incredibly interesting and creative. Magic is something Bell has always been one of his many dreams, connecting to his ultimate goal, to become a Hero like from the stories he had read as a little boy.
Based on how twisted Freya is, it feels as though there has to be a catch with Bell learning magic. I was  surprised to see Freya’s plot to involve a grimoire was not as… ‘explosive’ and ‘in-your-face’ as I had anticipated it to be. She wants to see the potential of Bell’s power, so surely at some point down the line, everyone is going to want to steal Bell and have him join their Familia because of his abilities.
But with the grimoire coming to light of how once it’s used, it becomes useless, I am now also keeping my eyes on Syr. Since last week’s episode, I have been sensing some shady vibes coming from her. I know Syr isn’t a stupid girl, in fact she’s a cunning one, who utilize her cutesy act to cover up her tricks or so-called “mistakes”. She encouraged Bell to “borrow” the Grimoire (which we know belongs to Freya), and let’s be real, the timing is too perfect. I don’t trust Syr. There’s something sly about her and I don’t like it.

DanMachi Ep 5 Img 0019Bell has always wanted to use magic, and he was so excited about it, he couldn’t wait till morning and ran to the dungeon in the middle of the night to try it out, only to spam it too much and end up passing out. When he had passed out, some strange shadow of darkness reached out to him and nestled into his body. We haven’t seen the consequences yet, but there is certainly a high chance of something going terribly wrong during his excursion with Lili next week. And whatever happens, she may need to use that special Magic Weapon of hers (which she had used today). It’s something she had meant to save for herself, not for others- she was surprised she didn’t hesitate to use it to save/protect Bell when he was in a pinch.

DanMachi Ep 5 Img 0008We finally learn that the Soma Familia is not the same as the others. The children of the Familia do not worship Soma, and seeing who are the ones seemingly running the place, it appears to be more of a mafia gang disguised under the Soma name. It also appears one of my suspicions I had of the Soma family requiring to have to pay a fee to be a “member” of the Familia hit the mark, raising the stakes for those who may have struggled to get into a Familia in the first place like Bell had, to stay in. I felt bad for Lili because all of her money was taken, she had to use it to pay off whatever debt/fee she owes, and she is not done paying just yet. I seriously can’t wait for Bell to learn about this because I am sure he would be like, “Why not join our Familia?”. Though Hestia is insanely jealous of Lili after having seen her working by Bell’s side, Hestia has a big heart and I’m sure she would be willing to let Lili join the Familia.

Bell was actually quite close to learning about the ugly truth behind the Soma Famlia. He saw Lili who had looked like she was in trouble/in a fight with someone, but was interrupted by her former client, who was hoping to have Bell work together with him to catch her. Bell however had no intention of working with him, and told him to back off. I don’t know what Lili heard or thought, but there are two ways that can be interpreted of her thinking it’s going to be her last day working with Bell. She either A) thinks he knows the truth about her thievery or B) her decision to make it her last day working with him.

DanMachi Ep 5 Img 0002If you felt down about the lack of Hestia last week, well rest assure you were in for a treat! Thanks to the large earnings, Bell asks Hestia to make time so that he can treat her to a nice restaurant. Of course hearing that, she went, “OMG  OMG IT’S A DATE!!! LET’S GO TODAY!” Can you blame her? She probably thought she’d lose out on the opportunity if she stayed home to recover further from her hangover. Unfortunately when she shared she was going on a date that evening while she was at the Divine Baths, surely enough their date was interrupted no thanks to Demeter and her children, sending the two of them on a wild goose chase. At least Bell tells her they will get a chance another time!

It was a very cute moment when Aiz found Bell collapsed in the dungeon. She knows of him, but never had the chance to talk to him. So she took it upon herself to take care of him until he woke up. He awoke to resting on her knee, thinking to himself he is hallucinating only to realize she is very much real. It was so hilarious how he literally rolled right out of there because he was so embarrassed to have been found that way, but also for running away. Aiz too wonders why he is always fleeing from her when all she wants to do is have a chance to talk and get to know him, haha!

A/N: I received the second volume a few days ago, but I actually hadn’t had the chance to start reading it. But, I fully intend to be through the second volume before the next episode, ahaha!


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  1. “She encouraged Bell to “borrow” the Grimoire (which we know belongs to Freya), and let’s be real, the timing is too perfect. I don’t trust Syr. There’s something sly about her and I don’t like it.”
    A bit of secondhand mythology knowledge here: the goddess Freya or Freyja was sometimes known by alternate names. Those most commonly known are Gefn; Hörn; Mardöll; and Syr.
    Make of that what you will.

      There are certainly many things we can make out of that!
      Thanks for sharing 😀

      1. I suspect that all or at least many of the women working at Mistress of Abundance(the name of the restaurant where Syr works) are either retired adventures or ex black ops from the various national millineries.

        1. Reading the novel, I always thought they will eventually reveal the “Ryu” from the Mistress of Abundance is the same person as “Riveria” from Aiz’s familia. (Since we can’t actually see their faces in the novel)
          They are clearly different persons in the anime, but this could be just the author forgot to give some notes to the animators.

  2. It’s all still speculation ATM. The author still hasn’t confirmed whether Syr and Freya are connected with each other.

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