Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Episode 7

This week episode was cute and fluffy with rainbows, but in the middle of all that, there’s this dark twisted stuff going on and then we come across the scene after the credits, where the Soma Clan Mafia guys get annihilated in the most brutal way possible. I am sure there were some that were happy to see these guys be gone for good, but I couldn’t even consider that. I was watching this and I’m going, “Oh shit, this is going to be ugly.” And sure enough the guy met a brutal death along with his already dead comrades. It sounded as if this monster wasn’t supposed to be on the level they were at, but what struck me was the seeing a different a different characteristic from a dungeon monster for an exchange. The fact it appeared to have a intelligent mind, it had emotions, fueling the rage, makes me wonder more about the monsters within the dungeons. But that is all speculation based off observation until we are given an explanation. We don’t know what the guy, who was challenging the monster to fight him until he becomes stronger and master the blade he had entrusted him with – to the point it looked as if it had potentially evolved. We also don’t know whether or not the other guy is still alive, though he sure looked like he would be fine considering how he was literally training the monster to become stronger without actually killing it. And I have to say, watching him fight the monster was a bit sickening to me. I felt like there was something wrong with this picture, and I think it was because for the first time, I felt bad for the monster instead of the Adventurer- of course sure enough it grown to be a deadly beast who is either under orders or decided to roam floors it doesn’t belong in.

DanMachi Ep 7 Img 0022But enough from the bloody closing of the week, let’s look at the cuteness overload we were spoiled with today!
It was ridiculously adorable how Bell reacted when he saw Aiz at the Guild talking to Eina. He still tried to run away, bumped into people, tried to flee again but then Aiz jumps in front of him like the majestic lady she is, and WELP, he accidentally face-plants into her butt, and poor Bell was absolutely mortified despite the fact Aiz didn’t even blink about it. Eventually they were finally able to talk without Bell running away, and Aiz finally gets her chance to return his arm-guard and apologize to Bell, because she felt bad for not taking it down quick enough. And things only got better from there! Aiz then offers Bell to teach him how to fight after she hears how no one taught him. Her lessons are absolutely hilarious because we see this cute side of Aiz who looks a bit silly, but then within a split second she is a total badass beating the living crap out of you. And Bell- man, major props to him for enduring the endless beating for the training. He is getting battered and bruised, but he is happy to recieve these lessons under her stead. It was so funny to watch him freak out every single time after he was knocked out!

We were also able to learn about a goal Aiz has as well. She too shares the same sentiments as Bell, and wants to become stronger so that she can catch up to the person she looks up as quickly as possible. I look forward to finding out who the individual is!

DanMachi Ep 7 Img 0006We were given a proper explanation about Lily’s ears effect we had seen last week. She told Bell how it us a transformation spell that serves as disguise to throw off the Soma goons. It is doesn’t appear that Lily has officially joined the Hestia family yet, but she has received Hestia’s approval to continue working with Bell. Their interaction was super adorable and fun to watch, Lily is a bit of a mischief at heart, so when Hestia tried to make it clear Bell is hers only, Lily gleefully accepted that challenge and countered back by teasing both of them. Of course Bell who was caught in the middle of this was so flustered he ran out the door, but he was happy to see the two “getting along”, ahahaha. It was also good to see Lily participate in the fight serving a bit as a crowd control by utilizing her arrows. It surprised me though to see them both return to the 10th floor.

LAst but not lesat, it’s difficult to figure out what cray cray Freya is up to. She is deliberately making contributions to help Bell grow stronger so he can get “rid” of it. I’m not sure what who or what she is referring to, but it can’t be good. It wasn’t revealed who Ottarl is, but I wouldn’t put it past me of him being the guy who we had saw “train” the monster today.


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  1. The LNs state that Aiz and Bell’s training sessions are considered taboo under Familia laws. Members of rival Familias are discouraged from interacting together from fear that Member A will divulge their Familia secrets to Member B of the other Familia.
    Also, Anime News Network says the anime is doing a good job of streamlining the LNs, saying there was too much info dumping there especially in world building.

    1. It’s too bad really that it’s a taboo, but I love how Aiz never hesitated to make the offer, especially just as you said, it’s a concern of spilling the Familia secrets.
      I am reading the novels, but I am a little behind as I am only half way through Vol 2 right now due to my recent hectic schedule! XD Too bad Volume 3 won’t be out till August when the show is already over (already hoping there will be a second season hahaha). Once I start reading the book, it’s hard to put it down and once finished I want the next volume ASAP.

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