Ore Monogatari!! Episode 6

And so we return to our adorable little romance show that is Ore Monogatari. Does it stay as adorable as it usually is? Let’s find out.

So the episode picks up where the last one left off with Yamato holding in a big secret (although it’s obvious to every single viewer what is it) and doesn’t want to tell Takeo because she’s afraid of what he might think of her.

Sena’s sister wants to find out what this secret is as she wants to know if it’s big enough to break up her and Takeo as she loves Takeo herself.

You best tell me why you like my man!

You best tell me why you like my man!

To find out, she asks Yamato to tell her what’s wrong and she finally breaks down and admits that she’s distraught that Takeo says he likes her because she’s “purehearted” when in fact, she wants to do more intimate things with him such as hold hands and cuddle. She believes that this will make him think less of her and he won’t want to be with her.

Sena’s sister actually tells her the sensible thing to do is go and tell Takeo exactly what she feels and it won’t be  a problem. Sure enough she tells Takeo and not only is he okay with it, he holds her hand on the way home (albeit terribly at first as he doesn’t know the proper etiquette of holding hands.

Ah Takeo, you adorable derp

Ah Takeo, you adorable derp

Sena then finally comes out and asks his sister why she likes him, and we find out that back in middle school she was very self conscious of her body as a lot of people made fun of her for it, but Takeo said that she was as pretty as a flower and since then, she knew he had a kind heart and liked him.

D'aw. s'cute too

D’aw. s’cute too

The only reason she didn’t say anything was the age difference, but realizes that that was really just an excuse and now it’s obviously too late.

The episode ends with Yamato seeing a shooting star and telling Takeo that her wish was to be with him forever.

Oh and god help us I forgot one thing. Takeo wants to have Sena help him practice kissing with saran wrap in the way. Oh the horror.

I don't even NEED a caption here

I don’t even NEED a caption here

Goddamn it I can’t help but like this show. This show is nothing but utter cheese but damn it I can’t say it’s not an adorable show. There are very few shows in which I can stand this level of lovey doveyness, but somehow in this show it works. Even stupid little miscommunications are adorable, and setups that would normally piss me off, don’t as for some reason, it’s very enjoyable in this show.

The three main characters are as always adorkable in their own way, but actually, I found myself really liking Sena’s sister. I don’t have any ill feelings towards her, and in fact, I actually feel bad that she can’t have the happiness with him she wants as well. However, I’m sure she’ll find her own happiness, but it always sucks to see someone left out of the love loop and I do hope the best for her as we see in the end she really is a good person.

Aw....it'll be okay! (hug)

Aw….it’ll be okay! (hug)

I’m glad I didn’t have to review episode 5 as I was able to watch 5 and 6 back to back because honestly, I would have been pissed if I had to wait a week between 5 and 6. It left you on such a cliffhanger, but 6 was a good resolution. I’m actually very interested to see these two’s first kiss. It should be very adorable.

So far, this is probably one of the best romances shows I’ve seen since Kanon. Every character is sweet, I never get sick of anyone, and even though you’d think since they’re a couple, that’s the end of the show, they find ways to keep it going and show that once a couple is together that doesn’t end their story, it’s just their beginning. And to me, that’s the sign of a great writer.

I can’t wait for more of this show. Keep up the great work.

Episode 8/10


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