Finally. Finally we’re getting there. I can’t tell you how really sick I am right now of dealing with this crap. I love this show and I think it’s super cool but there are only so many episodes that you can dedicate to the concept of well, I dunno, “I hate school gimme my weapon so I can destroy all and be a super duper badass magical boy with a katana rar” I love Yu but I guess I can see the comparison to Eren if we’re gonna start talking the pacing of this show. Just give em the damn weapons show!

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But actually, Yu’s part in the show was rather boring. So far he’s been stilted in growth as we try to watch him deal with not having the tools he needs in order to succeed. Because of that I spent most of it instead crying for Yoichi, who no one seems to believe in even though he reportedly has the most resistence to demons, and Mika. Yes, Mika gets screentime, and he is by far my favorite character of this show. I legitimately would cosplay this guy and I have never crossplayed.

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You can tell from Mika’s struggles that he loathes his own existence. He has no interest in being a vampire and only wants to help Yu, even now we see him return to the place he called home before he became a vampire and we see that there are children living there. They reject him out of fear and you just see the devastation on Mika’s face as he yearns for some connection to who he was before, he desperately wants to be the Mika that is not a vampire and that is with Yu.

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That’s the thing, no matter what, every episode you can see the boyfriend aura on these guys. Don’t get me wrong, Shinoa is hilarious and she might have a thing for Yu, and Yu doesn’t hate her- it’s just so painfully clear the person he cares most about is the friend he believes to be dead.

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For now everything is at a standstill, but once these two meet again the series will really start. It was interesting to learn not even Guren’s superiors respect him, though. All I can say is: Just give them the fucking weapons. Start the war. Start the angst. I disagree with you opening “I don’t want nobody to be killed” seriously underplays my dislike for some people right now.