So, training camp? More like, goof around at a hot spring and sightsee camp! Alright, i’m not gonna lie, i’m a little disappointed that it’s not the same remote island from the original anime. However a hot spring does open up a new can of worms and fanservice for us to explore. However, this episode we don’t even get to the Inn. This episode is a lot of sightseeing and Ryoko and Haruhi being total and complete spaz cases.

Ryoko is caught up on seeing Kyon feeding Yuki last episode, and them holding each other, well she’s about 80% sure that was an accident. I would be two if I knew these two in real life.
I think the shining points of this episode are the moment that Haruhi and Ryoko talking at the school and Ryoko freaking out about Kyon and Yuki being a proper pairing. Comparing their lives to a romantic comedy manga. Even Haruhi is a little freaked out in this scene.


Next best scene? The scene with the power spot, where Ryoko is having to hold back Haruhi and Tsuruya from standing in the smoke trying to become more powerful. As Itsuki is completely unhelpful and stands there and feeds more incense to the burner with a smile, taking pictures and laughing. In this scene I believe there is some music from the original Haruhi soundtrack as well.
Kyon rushes in to help and this leaves us with a really cute scene with just Yuki and Mikuru.


Now i’ve made it fairly clear before that i’m not a huge Mikuru fan, so i’m honestly glad that she’s not a large focus of this anime. However, this scene with Mikuru encouraging Yuki to buy a charm for a new relationship is adorable. She holds up the charm and says that Yuki should buy it, nobody’s watching. To keep even more true to that, she closes her eyes.
Can you say SUPER adorable? Mikuru is a huge moe blob that in the original anime, grated on my nerves pretty hard. In this, she’s still a huge moe blob but because she’s not a huge focus and spends most of her time supporting Yuki. I like her a lot more, she doesn’t grate on my nerves at all.

Let’s see, is there honestly anything else worthy of note in this episode? Well I really want Haruhi’s outfit, which kind of reminds me of Rin’s outfit from Fate but without the white cross on the shirt.


Anyway there is always the episode preview, with the title. “A plot by Haruhi Suzumiya.” NO, this sounds bad. I can’t even, imagine the kind of horrors a title like this implies! What is she going to do? Was I wrong about this not being like the secluded island? Will there be a murder mystery?
Is it a plot to get Yuki and Kyon together? What’s going to go wrong!? I’m scared!


Also, in the second cour of Simuldubs, Nagato Yuki-chan is set for a dub. I’m not going to lie, i’m a little nervous. With a new company doing the dubbing there is no real guarantee that we’ll get the original Haruhi cast. I’m just hoping they can get some of the original voice actors to come back and reprise their roles. Crispin’s Kyon is the reason I got into the Haruhi fandom in the first place and it would break my heart to see anyone else take over.
Well we’ll just have to hold our breaths and wait. Just as we have to wait for whatever hair brained scheme Haruhi has set for next episode…hold me.