World Trigger Episode 30 (Will You JUST LEAVE?!)

(sigh) and here we are. With another episode of World Trigger with the battle continuing….still. God this is turning into such a by the numbers shonen show. Once again, nothing happened. What do I mean by NOTHING? Well let me explain.

So the episode picks up being replaying the last 2 minutes of the previous episode. Because why not? We need some time killer. So boring mcAkatsuki reject fights the B rank guys from last episode when they end up inside the training room (aka the one with unlimited trion). They begin to fight, them basically saying “welp, we probably can’t beat him…even with unlimited trion, but we can at least keep him in the room until they learn more about him.” And then they kind of just….forget about that battle as we don’t see anything else about it for the rest of episode. So if you were hoping for ANY kind of resolution from that fight well then…you’re kind of shit out of luck.

Seriously bro, don't touch that shit
Seriously bro, don’t touch that shit

We DO cut back to Duckface and Jin fighting off with the two guys. Duckface still has old guy and Jin has magnet dude. They do the typical shonen maneuvers, they do the dance of “oh, you had a good move not let me show you mine” until Duckface realizes that the old guy is just another diversion tactic and tells his robot buddy to go help them out. Oh. and he loses a trion arm.

How will I finger paint now you asshole!?
How will I finger paint now you asshole!?

The bad guys want Chika so they send out the last remaining seven Rabbits only to start getting destroyed as Chika feeds her trion to Wet Blanket who, along with the other people there take some out.

Seriously Chika, don't pull my finger.
Seriously Chika, don’t pull my finger.

Meanwhile back in evil spaceship land, the guy who supposedly is the leader of the group does the patented “I’m the most powerful of all of my squad and we probably should have just lead the charge with me but fuck it because that would have cut the arc and NOT have it be as painfully long as a fight with Frieza.” Move that all bad guy leaders in shonen shows do.

Fear me and my energy birds!!
Fear me and my energy birds!!

So he shows up and has a really lame looking power where he has little trion birds that turn people directly into the trion cubes. Once again, this is so much more effective. WHY did you not just lead with this instead of us having to wallow through episode after episode of crap?

Wet Blanket tries to protect Chika but she gets hit with one of the birds and it looks like she’s going to become a cube.

Oh. and they give us a countdown timer because….I assume we’re supposed to be worried about something that’s going to happen in a bunch of seconds.

And that’s where the episode ends.

Honestly, I’m just getting tired of this invasion. I’m really not invested in anything anymore. The villains are stupid and generic and their reasoning is ridiculous. They’re like “oh, we’re kidnapping people from EVERY world around, not just Earth.” First of all. First of all. That’s stupid.

  1. You basically left your home planet unprotected as nobody’s left to guard it.

  2. You don’t know how well the invasions are going to go and you could possibly have everyone wiped out and you’l have no defenses.

  3. You’re going to get EVERY SINGLE world that has trion pissed the fuck off at you, gang up on you and attack you. By spreading themselves out so thin, they are just waiting for a counterattack.

No, no please. continue with your bird plan. please
No, no please. continue with your bird plan. please

Also, there’s something I have on the side that’s been bugging me for a long time with this show.

If in real life, there was an invasion by neighbors a few years ago, even if it only happened in Japan, They would NOT be the only ones who would be in on this. I’m sorry. You can’t expect me to believe that if aliens periodically showed up to attack, that NO OTHER COUNTRY would find this interesting, or important. Also, I do not believe that only Japan would have triggers or Agents. America would have been on this shit so fast it would have made their heads spin.

There would have been international coalitions of border and there would have been MORE than enough people to fight the neighbors if Japan asked for assistance from outlying countries. This gigantic plot hole only really hit me recently during this fight. I’m seeing the numbers of Border dwindle, and i’m realizing, that’s because the ENTIRETY of Border is located in this one area of Japan.

And for those of you arguing, this does not fall under suspension of disbelief. Suspension of disbelief falls under the fact that there’s magical powers called Trion. Suspension of disbelief is also that there are interdimensional monsters that attack cities. It is however ludicrous that this small section of Japan would be ALLOWED to have these special powers without any other country balancing it out. There is no world wide BORDER network, and that is why this is the only reason this battle is even the remotest bit threatening.

"Where the hell is our American backup?" "I don't know. drinking beers, watching football probably?" "goddamn americans"
“Where the hell is our American backup?”
“I don’t know. drinking beers, watching football probably?”
“goddamn americans”

Not only that, not only that, but if the only prerequisites were that someone had to die for a black trigger and the wielder would have to be worthy, there would be a LOT more in the world. a LOT. They would not be so rare as the show suggests. Also, if they try to brush it off as “oh, the people in this area of Japan have more trion than anywhere else in the world” then that’s just really really lazy writing.

I know that was a bit of a rant, but i’m just getting tired of this arc. Not a single one of the villains are threatening, I don’t KNOW who a lot of these characters are so I’m not sure why I should be worried for them, and some of them I haven’t learned enough about them to GIVE a single shit.

I”m just TIRED of the back and forth. I want this ridiculous invasion fight to be over so we can get back to more important matters of the show.

We get it. The bad guy captain can throw birds and turn people into trion cubes. ooh. Scary. The old guy cuts stuff and the guy with eye rot is basically Majin Buu. Nobody has died yet or even come close. 30 episodes in and the closest we’ve gotten is bitch face turning into a cube. That’s about it. There is nothing at stake because none of these villains feel threatening. Once again, we’re stuck in Baby’s first shonen.

Episode 3/10


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  1. Prediction: Chika will die and turn into a Black trigger compatible with wet blanket.
    Also, thanks for the reviews. They are, again (I’m sorry) plenty more entertaining than the show itself.

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