Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V Episode 57

It surprised me to see how relatively uneventful this episode was, but that certainly doesn’t mean it was boring. In fact, it very fun to watch. I find it interesting how they write Dennis character, it feels like they want us to like him despite the fact we know he is a double-agent, therefore make him as likable as possible. But at the same time, it makes me curious about his character’s motives, where his true interests lies and why he is apart of Academia. While Dennis is a two-faced character, I do… or maybe it would be better for me to say I want to believe that the joy Dennis has while entertaining the crowd is genuine. Based off that observation, I am leaning towards the speculation of Dennis being a part of Academia in order to participate in something so dramatic and exciting (on the contrary of what others think). But it is something I am only taking with a grain of salt right now due to the lack of knowledge of his true colors.

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So regardless of my mixed opinions of Dennis, I really enjoyed watching him put on a show with Gongenzaka. It was hilarious to watch because Gongenzaka doesn’t like the idea of entertaining to make cash, nor does he like to play the role of the villain. I loved it how Gongenzaka showed us another side of him, a more childish side where he took a fit about being forced into the villain role and managed to reverse the roles by claiming to the children, he’s the hero- not Dennis, the one who had just set him on fire. The best part was how the kids (noticeably only Tops as we know the Commons are too busy simply trying to survive) agreed with him right away, and immediately started cheering him out. It was also fun to see Dennis embrace the role of the villain- which I have to say was fairly interesting to watch because it was far from the malicious aura we have seen from him when he is around Yuuri. I don’t know how serious Dennis was in this duel, but my gut tells me he was simply playing around and if he won he won, if he lost as the villain should, he will accept his defeat in style.

Another thing we have to give credit to Dennis for (though undoubtly there could definitely be ulterior motives) for his idea of putting shows on in the park in order to make it easier for the others to find them. I mean that is without a doubt the best way to stand out without causing a fuss with the security (it seems). One of the downsides however is the use of Pendulum Summon, which of course the head security was on top of, and is in process of gathering all the information on how it works.

In the meantime, Yuuya and the others are crashing at Crow’s place who welcomed them with open arms and invited them to say. Since they are on the fugitives list, Crow will look for their companions in their steed. They were fortunate that some of the kids Crow is taking care of had seen Yuzu and Yuugo and pointed it out how Selena and Yuuya looked alike to the ones they had just seen. I am glad the lack of hints of where Yuzu and Yuugo are didn’t drag out, but I do expect it to be at least a couple of episodes before the group manages to find each other again- or who knows, it might be longer- but at the very least both parties will probably be aware of being in the same dimension sooner than later! Leave it to Crow (or anyone else who mistakes them for the other)!

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Speaking Yuzu, she didn’t get much time during the episode but man, this girl is not wasting her time. Despite the fact she is on the WANTED list and how ridiculous it sounds to outsiders, Yuzu is making attempts to warn the public about Academia and their potential invasion. It was so cute to see how Yuugo couldn’t stand there and watch Yuzu be laughed at and tried to prove the fact they traveled dimensions, but unfortunately for him, Clear Wing Dragon just wasn’t up to set an example.
And of course, the most important thing we have learned today: A confirmation how Yuzu has never seen her mother’s face! We have already discussed various of speculations revolving around her, but we will leave it that that today!

Next week! It looks like we will be seeing more of Dennis and Gongenzaka as they are being scouted to participate in an underground ring where Gambling Duels takes place (AKA: ILLEGAL). Gongenzaka is not happy about this and Dennis, can’t tell by the preview alone, but it appears Shun has been scouted as well so that’s how the three of them are going to meet.
On the other-hand, it looks like Reiji isn’t with Shun so, jeez, I wonder where he traveled off to.


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  1. I find it funny how Serena didn’t react once until Yuzu was mentioned which kinda made me think as if she sees her as the first friend she ever made as well as her blaming herself for her being missing.
    I’m also pretty sad they didn’t reacted the much of the prison tattoo from their perspective it gave the impression of being curious when they first met Crow.
    Lastly, wouldn’t it be funny if Reiji set this whole thing up with splitting the team for groups expect Shun due to him being a loner. This could mean he’s probably with Tsukikage in ways of constructing a NeetCave to make at home. XD

    • Eva says:

      I wouldn’t put it past Reiji. He likes to simply oversee things rather than be engaged in the small fry stuff.

  2. nanon says:

    I.. haven’t posted here in a while. Hello again o/
    Poor Yuzu, I feel sorry for her trying to so hard to warn all those strangers around her even though she knows she sounds like a lunatic.
    And it’s nice that they spent so much attention to the duel without splitting it up with what was going on with everyone else. Gongenzaka’s vehemence at being shoehorned as the villain was hilarious, and Dennis is amazing with going along with the situation and turning it to his advantage!
    I wonder what will happen with the consequences of this duel though – since Dennis went and painted Pendulum and Xyz summoning as villainous and cheating. Yuuya will get a nasty shock when he finally gets to dueling in front of an audience that’s not Security…

    • Eva says:

      //I wonder what will happen with the consequences of this duel though – since Dennis went and painted Pendulum and Xyz summoning as villainous and cheating. Yuuya will get a nasty shock when he finally gets to dueling in front of an audience that’s not Security…//
      I didn’t even think of that! The general public may backlash against Yuuya and the others if they all continue to Pendulum Summon. Gongenzaka right now is the only one who looks good because of solely sticking to his synchro. While the security is without a doubt going to be briefed at some point or another how Pendulum and XYZ Summoning works, the security may actually do as you suggested: paint them as the cheating villains. And like you said: it’s Yuuya of all people who will suffer from the massive backlash if the public has a negative image of it- but it is a challenge Yuuya will probably willing to face in order to simply provide them joy and entertainment.

  3. partner555 says:

    So that’s why Gongenzaka was upset when I watched the raws.

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