Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Ep 12


Those earthquakes weren’t for nothing, it was a foreboding of what was to come, something terribly big and dangerous in the dungeon – and the worst part? No one saw it coming. Aiz was assigned to the first squad to return to the surface in order to take down Goliath for the second squad, so there’s no Sword Princess to swoop in to save them. It certainly doesn’t help that they are far from being properly equipped, Welf lost his gift from his Goddess down into the forest so he is weaponless, Bell is beaten up pretty bad from the underhanded duel he was dragged into and is still recovering from his earlier run.

DanMachi Ep 12 Img 0030While it was an epic moment to see Hestia laying down the law by releasing her Divine Powers, a part of me wonders if it played a part of triggering the deadly monster’s release. We already knew it was bound to come out, but was the timing of the major earthquake merely a coincidence? There was a moment just after Hestia released her powers when Asfi looked up as if she had sensed something. We saw today how Hestia knew she was in deep trouble when the goons left her alone to join the brawl and those evil rabbits showed up looking like they were eying a potential target (thank goodness for Lily showing up!). It has been discussed of what the potential consequences are if a dungeon monster were to get a hold of even a drop of a God/Goddess’ blood. We know there are presently two Gods in the dungeon, they are Hermes and Hestia, so if there’s going to be a target, those two are likely to be aimed for the main course while the rest of the adventurers will merely serve as appetizers.

DanMachi Ep 12 Img 0029Bell ran into some trouble with the goons whom he had encountered at the Benevolent Mistress, who were ridiculously jealous of the fact he was able to even make it down to the 18th Floor in one piece so quickly. They kidnapped Hestia to serve as a hostage while they forced him into a duel where if Bell wins, Hestia will be freed and if he loses, they will take all of his equipment. I have to say they had me worried because for a second it looked like they were about to attack him as a mob, but instead it was only Meldo (the jelly one) who fought against Bell. Of course even though it was one on one, it was far from a fair fight. Moldo used the Hades Head (supplied by Hermes who encouraged this underhanded fight to begin with) making him invisible to his opponent. So in a sense Bell was fighting against a ghost who he couldn’t see. But the good thing about the fight however was the fact Bell adapted. He was getting beaten to pulp, but eventually he was able to ‘feel’ his eyes on him AKA his killing intent (and it’s no exaggeration). It was a great moment to see Bell deflect the attack and counter by kicking his opponent in the face.

Another thing aspect about this particular scene was that Bell wasn’t completely alone in this brutal fight. The spear dude (forget his name) from the Take Famila saw Bell acting distressed and called for back up along with Lili and Welf to go and help him out. I was glad to see them do so because they do have a lot to make up for after using them as a decoy.

DanMachi Ep 12 Img 0010Although they did not follow up with Welf’s conflict like I had expected to, they did address Ryu and share us a bit of her back-story. Her past reveals to us how there are Familias who cannot simply co-exist and will go ahead and kill off the opposing Familia, just as what had happened to hers. She was the only one who have survived after the enemy had lured them into a trap in the dungeon. Consumed by despair and rage, she went off to seek revenge and single handily wiped out the Familia that killed her own. After fulfilling her revenge she had collapsed in a dark alleyway where Syr found her and brought her to the pub where Mama Mia welcomed her with open arms. But because she had wiped out the Familia, the Guild has blacklisted her, and it makes sense of why she goes out of her way to avoid making contact with the other Familia members during this mission. Ryu’s visit to her Familia’s grave served as a stark reminder how there is deep conflict in this world.

After Ryu had shared her story, she identified herself as a shameless violent elf, but Bell was quick to scold her for saying that, telling her to stop insulting herself. I really liked this moment because the fact Ryu described herself in such way, it made me sad and I am glad that Bell told her, he too can get mad- and he would probably react in a similar fashion.

Last but not least, the visit to the village was not particularly anything significant other than the fact it was no date as everyone went altogether. The village is run-down and way overpriced, so that’s why the Loki Familia don’t bother staying at the inns they offer, and just camp outside of town. Lily bought the overpriced bag since she needed a replacement for their journey back to the surface and Hestia ended up purchasing overpriced perfume she could have very well gotten at the surface- oh well, who cares, Gods aren’t permitted in the dungeon so let her have a souvenir!

I have to say I am bummed out that DanMachi is not a 24 episodes series, but I do hope there will be a second season because boy, this show is delivering and I want more! Next week will be the final episode (WHY SO SOON!!!?!?!?!? ; ___ ;): The Story of a Familia. I wonder which one it will be about and with the drama and action about to ensue, I am excited to see how this story will connect to the present conflict!


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  1. Danmachi only has 8 novels thus far, while the anime is covering the first 5 books. So unless the anime staff want to stretch 3 books over 13 episodes or less, we may have to wait for more releases from author Omori Fujino so enough story is available.
    Readers say Vol 6-7 are the most action-packed, with some good action for Vol 8 too. Spoiler-free summary blurbs coming up next time.

    1. Okay that makes sense. I would rather wait until there’s more material so that they don’t create a anime original ending.
      = v = I can be patience when it comes to ensuring better quality.

  2. A point someone else made clear elsewhere (I didn’t know this until they said it) is that Hestia did not, in fact, use her divine powers (what’s referred to as her “arcanum”) when she went all glowy. Apparently ALL the gods naturally radiate an aura of godly-nature and authority, so all mortals are going to feel in awe around a god, even if only a little bit. Apparently Hestia and Hermes had deliberately restrained that aura completely in order to keep from being sensed by the dungeon. What Hestia did now was the opposite: she released her aura in a burst, amplified, so that everyone around would know without question “This is a GODDESS. Fall to your knees, mortals!”
    This is apparently an inherent trait of all the deities in Danmachi, not at all the same as the divine power that they’re forbidden to use on pain of permanent banishment from the world.
    That said, it makes it all the more likely that whatever happened at the end happened because of what Hestia did. She’d been deliberately hiding her aura while in the dungeon, and then suddenly she effectively screamed out for the entire thing to hear “HEY! THERE’S A GODDESS WITHIN REACH, COME AND GET IT!”

  3. You’re right, I’ve noticed some animes really skip out a lot of good details for rushing purposes nowadays. Also, the Danmachi manga has reinforced Freya’s nuttiness further when she sends masked Adventurers to attack Bell, Hestia and Aiz just so she can see how his skills have developed. (This is during the Minotaur arc, before Bell meets the creature.)

    1. I actually wish they would have taken a slower pace, although, I’m sure there’s a good reason why they didn’t. It’s just that I peeked at the manga and randomly ended up at this part where Hestia and a Miach are having a drink at a tavern. It’s something I would’ve liked to see animated, but oh well! All it means is more post-anime enjoyment whilst soaking up all the details available!

  4. My favourite episode yet! I really loved how so many people were in the spotlight today: Ryu, Hestia and last but not least, Bell! Normally it’s really only focused on Bell and perhaps someone else has the spotlight, too. Three may be a crowd, but the more the merrier when it comes to DanMachi 😀 Next episode, paradise lost. It’s unfortunate that regardless of the outcome of the battle the “haven” will be ruined, but perhaps the Dungeon can repair that level in due time.

    1. It looks more like there may have been something directly sealed/sleeping within the crystals since it’s cracking, making this haven look safe on the surface but dangerous underneath or in this case: above them. I am a bit nervous about the idea of all the monsters flooding into the haven space because they now can sense Hestia. Hell is certainly about to break loose.

      1. Hopefully whatever grand beast is descending upon them will also help thin the numbers of the other monsters due to its intimidating nature. On the other hand, if Hestia’s presence is summoning monsters even from the upper floors it’s possible that will serve as a signal for the first group to head up to return.

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