Owari no Seraph ep 11 [ The Trumpets Sound ]

My patience has been rewarded. After 10 episodes of a build up that I did not care much for the show has finally reached the pinnacle of it’s storytelling buildup: Not only did Mika and Yu finally meet, but the plot has begun and we are finally seeing more of what the story is actually meant to tell us. For instance, Mika genuinely believes every human is using Yu and for good reason. Cause uh. Yu kinda goes batshit berserker this episode.

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No joke, Yu becomes a monster this episode. The sight of all of his friends being taken by the vampires and being fed on while Mika tries to restrain him and leave with him sends him on a homicidal rampage. Here’s the catch: Yu is not being this way because of his sword. His sword even admits to being terrified of the monster that’s within him. She cautions he should run away from them with Mika if he can, but then the sky in his mind. . . signals it’s too late. Angels and trumpets descend. Seraph of the End finally makes sense: the biblical symbolism this episode is beyond belief.

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I’m so genuinely curious about everything. Seeing Yu turn into a monster that could easily create craters and destroy the nobles was amazing, but he has absolutely no control over this. He nearly kills Shinoa AND Mika, and I have to say I still love Mika. While he hates humans now and believes they’re just using Yu for their own ends, a valid belief once you see the episode, he still stops Yu from killing Shinoa because he doesn’t want him to have blood on his hands.

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This was probably the first episode other than the first to make me go “Yes, this is exactly what I wanted.” We finally get the feeling that the humans probably ARE shitty assholes who want to use Yu. Now I don’t trust either side: the vampires have hinted the humans are the one who caused the virus at the beginning of the series and what if they’re right? I mean, the vampires can’t allow all humans to die or they will die too, so if their reason for interfering is to prevent another virus then that would make sense.

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That being said, with all the symbolism this show is beginning to look slightly religious. The humans control demons and a good portion of humanity just died, isn’t that similar to the rapture? Even Yu had trumpets going off to symbolize when the monster was taking over him. Perhaps the ‘Seraph of the End’ that both Mika and Yu were signifies perhaps the two of them could even be Christ and the AntiChrist. Shit, or Cain and Abel, or anything. So many things about this is ultimately more interesting. So many bible references! So much more mystery!

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I’m not sure what the truth is here, but one thing is clear: the show is finally at a point it can’t return. The nobles actually look to be in danger at the end of this episode and I don’t think Yu will ever quite trust humans the same. But at the end, who is right and who is wrong? Who is the real evil of the story? We’ve for a long way to go to find out, and I’m finally fully on board.


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  1. She..? I- isn’t Asuramaru male? Although, a lot of girls do use “boku”, so why not demons, haha. We’re sure in for a lot in the upcoming episodes. From why Sayuri’s sword is bandaged, to what the Hiragi family does to act so high and mighty and what becomes of Mika if his Seraph Gene is activated despite being part-vampire. Come on October! Oh and more of the brawler girl, Mito! 😀

    By the way, how did it feel to finally hear the line you were waiting for? Although you may not have noticed it among the flurry of other more exciting things this episode :3

  2. A recent fanbook has confirmed that Asuramaru is a boy/trap. So you can use ‘he’ to describe him.

    1. I’ll do so next time, but the character has made no point in affirming his/her gender so I won’t be editing this post.

  3. One thing with the Japanese language is their use of gender-neutral pronouns, so they can insert ambiguity as to a character’s gender in their media.

    You may want to read the Seraph LN prequel; that’s where most of the worldbuilding lies at. The Hiiragi family’s workings and Guren’s past are all revealed there. If you’re interested I could share some info.

    1. Yeah, I took Japanese courses but I was just thrown by his appearance. I’m not fond of that trope.

      Sure, why not.

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