Punch Line Episode 11 (Stepping Out of the Grave)

It isn’t often when you watch a series where the previous episode leaves you in such a state where you are certain the series is dead, but it then pulls itself out of the abyss to be…well not that bad at all. And that’s the case for this episode. What exactly happened that gave me this realization? Let’s delve right in.

So the episode picks up where the last one left off. The planet’s going to be destroyed by the meteor that the robot girl accidentally gave the codes to Qmay and screwed over the world. Since Yuma figures “What the hell, there’s nothing to lose” he tells her about the whole time travel thing as well as the meteor. Immediately she discovers the truth and works on a plan.

Apparently Patton was a little japanese girl robot. who knew?
Apparently Patton was a little japanese girl robot. who knew?

The plan is basically that she’s going to hack the global defense system and send all the nukes at the asteroid in an hour long succession destroying it. However the catch is, a few minutes after she begins this siege, the world governments are going to catch on and they’re going to attack the house. That’s where Yuma and the rest come in. They have to keep the government at bay while this goes on. the other Yubafied girl wants to help by yubafying during the battle, but the android girl (Meika) basically tells her that if she Yubafies one more time she will definitely die. She agrees she won’t use her powers and they all band together for the next day as the group “Justice Punch”.

So the next day we jump right into the battle. First the police show up but Yubafied Yuma is more than enough to take them on as he discovers that the police are all under Qmay’s control. Following this, the US Army shows up, with bad engrish and all. As Yuma’s a bit busy, the girl who hangs around with the bear hops into the android girl’s mech and begins fighting off the US Government.

The bad guy/girl shows up and asks if Yuma and the girl will join him/her. They say no and leave them to fight a bunch of yubafied dudes. However, that’s when this timeline’s Yuma soul shows up, possessing Rabura and yubafying, taking them on, telling the two of them to go after her/him.

(insanity wolf meme) we're outnumbered? Good. they won't die alone
(insanity wolf meme) we’re outnumbered? Good. they won’t die alone

The episode then ends with the US government all in tandem firing at the house.

Would this be covered under home insurance?
Would this be covered under home insurance?

Wow. I gotta say, this episode definitely had a lot more going on for it than the last one did. The last one was just a giant pile of depression, while this one had not only hope, but was interesting and actually pretty bad ass.

Mechs are in this show. who knew?
Mechs are in this show. who knew?

Coming into this week, I don’t know what I was expecting, but I sure as hell wasn’t expecting something as exciting as this. I guess I was thinking the world was going to restart again and that would have been pretty sad. But I’m glad they didn’t go that way and are continuing on from this timeline.

With only one episode to go, this really does seem like it’s going to wrap up next week. The climax is all set up to go, the meteor’s coming in less than an hour, and everything’s on the line this time. Even when meeting the cat spirit, it basically told him that he repeated this time over 1 billion times, and he’s never seen a timeline like this before, and Yuma confirms “And that’s why it will work.”


Seemingly last episode was about despair, and this one was about hope. The only problem is, last episode drove that point home a little TOO much and it’s one of those episodes that you can’t wait a week for the next one. You have to watch them in a row. But honestly, after this episode, I’m actually pretty excited to see the finale. I want to see how this ends up. So good on you show, you actually made me care about this show again. Props.

Episode 7.5/10


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