At the end of last weeks episode, Yuki was hit by a car! Still gotta say, that was one hell of a twist that until the scene started I didn’t see coming. Well, let’s see how this episode handles the aftermath of the event.

So the car didn’t actually hit, and she only got off with few scratches but there just seems to be something, wrong. Her answers are short and too the point, she’s keeping people at a distance. I would say it was amnesia but she does know Ryoko’s last name. Miss Asakura, wait a second, has she called her Miss Asakura and not Ryoko at all this series?
I feel as if they were close enough to be on a first name basis.


Well that’s huge warning flag number 1, but it’s her behavior around Kyon that is huge warning flat number 2. As the bandaid on her head goes to fall off he reaches up and touches it to put it back. There’s almost no reaction, a plain “Thank you for your concern.” Is all he gets. It’s…troubling.

This episode is a hard one to write about honestly because it’s very slow. Only Yuki, Kyon and Ryoko are in it and a lot of it is silence or Ryoko and Kyon trying to get more then a few words out of Yuki. However, the same thing that makes this episode very slow to watch also makes it very unsettling. It’s such a tonal change from what we’ve gotten used to in this series, on top of the tone change. There is also the music, which is used to make the entire world seem unsettling and foreign.
I think the thing that was played the best in this episode was the rain, it was gloomy and awkward and felt out of place in what’s normally such a bright and cheerful series.


Everything in this episode was different and strange, I think this is even reflected in the books that Yuki is reading. Which are all french books with titles that Kyon can’t read. Also, this is the first time in the series we’ve really seen her read. Normally, she’s sitting in the clubroom playing with her video games. Kyon mentions this is strange.

Now I said this last week, but I honestly believe it with the final words of this episode and the name of next episode. That what happened when the car went to crash into her, was a shift in the world lines. As Kyon of the main series travels to this world in the movie, Yuki of the main series has traveled to this world for this part of the series.
My proof? The short answers, monotone voice, her reading as opposed to playing video games.


How is that going to affect the world? Her relationships with her friends, the literature club and most of all her relationship with Kyon. Who knows, we’ll have to find out as the plot goes on. Next weeks episode is called ‘The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki, part 1″ I have a lot of questions right now as a viewer that I want to write down so I can double back on them later and see if the series manages to answer them.

First off, why would the other world Yuki need to come here? If there is no purpose she has, how did it happen and why? I’ve established before that the events of the movie either have already taken place or did not take place in this particular timeline or this particular world, because Kyon and Haruhi already know each other. So it’s not as if other world Yuki is there to set up events for the movie.
You know what, i’m probably looking too deep into this.


“Who are you.” We’ll find out Asakura, we’ll find out.