Tribe Cool Crew Episode 34 (How Kanon GOT Her Groove Back)

Yep, Yep this show is still a thing. 34 episodes in, same theme song from episode 1, but yeah. Still going. If you’re amazed this is still a thing, you’re not the only one.

So the episode picks up where the last one left off. The three in the tribal soul group tell Kanon that they need to split up because she’s too good and they’ll just slow her down.

Hearing this Haneru gets pissed off and Kanon gets depressed. She speaks to those weird twins about it and gets an autobiography about Jey from her mom to read about his trials and how he was basically in the same situation. Only he actually left his group for good and was like “See you bitches!”

Jey: I remember those guys! there's um...jerk face and bitch...poor douche, man ho, and....girl who i can't remember her name.
Jey: I remember those guys! there’s um…jerk face and bitch…poor douche, man ho, and….girl who i can’t remember her name.

Unfortunately all this praise seemed to go to Kanon’s head as she wanted to dance again, but wanted to fight Tribal Soul in a dance off.

They dance, but we see that Tribal Soul wins because they put more heart into their dance than Kanon did and seeing that, she understands what it means to be part of a team and how she let it go to her head. They reform the group and everything’s back to normal.

Hooray for friendship!
Hooray for friendship!

And…that’s pretty much the episode. Yes, I left some nuances out such as, “Hey, remember those two gang friends of Kumo we met ONCE? Yeah well they show up again having taped Kanon’s dance and showed Tribal Soul her weak points.” or “Kanon’s friends ask a random stranger why she lost” But that’s the general idea.

This episode didn’t really have any surprises in it because..well…the show’s called Tribe Cool Crew. I was pretty certain they weren’t going to break them up for good in the middle of the series.

The thing it did do was have some pretty good Kanon moments. Normally Kanon is the kind of character that doesn’t really have too many flaws other than being shy, so it was nice to see that she’s human too and she is fully capable of falling under the influence of her own ego. Her moments in the show aren’t usually based around her own faults as much as external forces such as her mother and/or her school, so it was nice.

Wow mom! Nice Side boob!
Wow mom! Nice Side boob!

On the other hand, I’m not sure if I like Jey really at all anymore. According to his book he danced with his team and when his team noticed he was really good they were all “oh, you should go off, we’re holding you back.” He was like “K! Cya!” and never looked back. I don’t know, that just seems a bit….lame to me. I never really liked Jey to begin with, and I don’t really understand his whole character. He’s holing a tournament to see who’s good enough to be HIS backup dancers. Is it just me or does that seem a tad self absorbed?

Not only that but his message is “World Peace Through Dancing”. The fuck does that even mean? Is he going to like….dance away world hunger? “What’s that? There’s unrest in Uganda? Let me dance for you!” I don’t know..seems a bit..weird and unrealistic.

Come on guys, stick the landing and we've got the middle east disputes handled!
Come on guys, nail the pose and we’ve got the middle east disputes handled!

Anywho, back to the episode. It was an okay episode. It’s not going to win any awards or make any tears be jerked, but it was a solid episode with a tad bit of awkwardness. Hopefully next episode will be more fun.

Episode 5/10



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