Utapri S3 Ep 10

It is a real shame how (for me at least) the Quartet Night episodes are so freaking boring, it is a total snooze fest. You are probably tried of me saying this over and over again, but it’s true – and I am fairly certain is has little to do with the fact I could care less about their characters. This episode was so uneventful and so unoriginal I am thoroughly 1000% done with this shit. Quartet Night went through a brief scene of different ideas clashing and unable to find a compromise (much like Ren, Syo and Cecil went through a few episodes back), they proceed to scenes where Haruka would talk to the boys all one on one and learn more about them, aka the same old pattern (most noticeably it felt like they were attempting to make it similar to the game’s scenes). With this: as we all expected, Haruka is able to compose a piece that would make them shine. Of course, the Quartet Night manage to find themselves on the same page thanks to Haruka’s inspiration of the piece she had composed for them. And sadly, I was not impressed with their song either- so that blows. (Of course I am disappointed, I wanted to like it!)

The primary problem is the unoriginality and blatant repetition which takes away the joy of watching this particular season. It is a shame that I feel this way because I truly loved Utapri for always being entertaining to watch, but this season has just been an incredibly boring. There is reason why some shows are better off not getting a bunch of sequels, because the minute they are treated like a cash-cow, the quality just drops and it feels as if no one really cares about it anymore. I will try my best to hang on till the final episode, all because I am clinging to a thread of hope that Utapri will reward those who haven’t enjoyed this series for our perseverance. It paid off for Houkago no Pleiades, now Utapri needs do to the same.

Now since STARISH had successfully managed to grow their popularity, the public is wondering why they are not chosen to participate in the Opening Ceremony of the Triple S event. There are even some people suggesting, “why not both?”, what will Shining do they ask? Well gee Shining, why not both?


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