World Trigger Episode 32 (And So It Continues)

Now if you were hoping that in this episode they’d resolve the stupid battle arc….bwahahaha!!! ah…you’re…you’re funny.

No…no it’s another bunch of crap. So…let’s just do this.

So the episode picks up with the group that was fighting the Akatsuki reject. it looks like that he has the upper hand, what with his majin buu reforming powers, but after being tricked, he’s finally defeated.


I guess he wasn't all he was "cracked" up to be! aha. aha. aha...i apologize. i blame this show
I guess he wasn’t all he was “cracked” up to be! aha. aha. aha…i apologize. i blame this show

Then that chick from earlier with the bullshit teleporting powers shows up. But instead of bringing him back with her, she just takes his black trigger and kills him.


No! all the genericness I could have brought!
No! all the genericness I could have brought!

I mean…granted it’s a throwaway villain, but holy sweet baby jesus somebody actually died. I…I am in shock……

and now i don’t care.

Seriously…I…. don’t care at all this guy died. Up until this episode, I didn’t even know his name. I just kept calling him “Akatsuki reject” or “eye rot guy” or “idiot”. And now he’s “Dead guy”. So yeah..there’s that. hooray?

The bad guys leave the body there so they decide to loot his body for stuff and also check the horns out.

Meanwhile bird guy is still fighting shooter guy. After a bit of a drawn out battle, the snipers catch him by surprise and actually manage to shoot the bird guy a few times.

Damn it that's not an "I got shot" look. That's an "shit.....did i leave the oven on?" look
Damn it that’s not an “I got shot” look. That’s an “shit…..did i leave the oven on?” look

Now, instead of him realizing he’s beaten and leaving or something, he decides to be a cheap asshole in 2 ways. 1. he calls teleporting girl and goes “Wahh! they’re being mean to me! bring some rabbits to help me! and then after she does, he uses trion to heal himself. so yeah. Bullshit mcgee the second.

Great. We killed off the cheap guy, just to have ANOTHER cheap guy. Awesome.

And….that’s really all that happens in this episode.

The only relatively interesting thing this episode was the fact that somebody actually died. That’s really about it.

The big baddy honestly…Is lame in my opinion. Like…really lame. Honestly I think dead guy was more threatening then bird guy. Bird guy actually got shot a few times and the only reason he could keep going was by cheating.

"it's not cheating!" "yes it is! and yes. you DID leave the oven on. and your house burned down"
“it’s not cheating!”
“yes it is! and yes. you DID leave the oven on. and your house burned down”

Sorry, I have a rule. Once a villain starts healing himself from holes (aka This guy, cell, buu) I begin to lose respect for them. It’s like they have extra life codes. And it’s boring and cheap.

They’re trying to make this big deal about how in a few minutes the future will be decided but it’s like…I know wet blanket will be okay so……yeah. nothing really too much to worry about there.

NONE of the villains are interesting. I am SO BORED with this bird guy that I just want him to die so I don’t have to see his deadpan face anymore. There is NO EMOTION TO ANYTHING HE DOES.

This is me being mad, sad, happy, scared, and constipated
This is me being mad, sad, happy, scared, and constipated

At least Dead guy had emotions. Holy crap. Am I actually comparing something to dead guy and dead guy is the POSITIVE? Jesus man, you KNOW you failed if i’m saying you should be more like dead eye rot guy.

This episode also didn’t have hardly any characters we cared about either. Other than Jin, there was nobody else. There was no Konami, no Wet Blanket, not even any Yuma. Of course it probably didn’t help that the first THREE MINUTES was recap. Because of course, we’re too stupid to remember what happened last week.

Overall, i’m just sick of this fight. Can we PLEASE PLEASE just end it? Please?

Episode 6/10



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