World Trigger Episodes 33 + 34 (Keep Running Wet Blanket!)

If you couldn’t tell from my title, these episodes are still going to be focused on wet blanket carrying Chikacube-chan. So…yeah. Let’s um.. let’s do it.

So basically the episode starts off with the guy from last episode (Kyosuke) getting all supered up with his super special awesome arm and leg trion ability and attacking bird guy. We then flashback to Jin having a conversation with him (because lord knows we haven’t had enough of ‘Jin having conversations’ flashbacks) where Kyosuke asks Jin what he sees in the future about him but Jin tells him that he’ll be defeated before the pivotal moment of the battle.

You take my flashback cracker you son of a bitch
You take my flashback cracker you son of a bitch

Not wanting to be useless he attacks boring mcharveybirdman but then the cheating teleportation woman shows up and defeats Kyosuke by being cheap by teleporting the guy’s birds. They then leave to go after Wet Blanket and Chika. Boy…they sure are putting a lot of effort into getting Chika. Like… a lot. Like, one guy’s already lost and one of their black trigger guys died…for Chika. (shifts eyes) I hope this chick would be worth it to them.

"Yes, once we get the golden baby bird we can get her to lay golden eggs and..wait what? she's not really a golden bird? Abort mission! Abort mission!"
“Yes, once we get the golden baby bird we can get her to lay golden eggs and..wait what? she’s not really a golden bird? Abort mission! Abort mission!”

Having nobody to protect him from the two cheaters, Wet Blanket begins running through buildings trying to escape from Birdman and Nightcrawler bitch and as it looks like he’s going to lose, Miwa shows up. Wet Blanket tells him to take Chika and run, but Miwa basically tells him to go fuck himself and hits him, as he takes on bird man.

And that’s where episode 33 ends.

Episode 34 picks up right there where they left off. And it’s actually where stuff becomes a little interesting. I don’t want to break down this episode TOO much as the nuances are cool enough to make you want to watch it himself, but i’ll give you the basic breakdown.


Duckface fights the old man and for a while it looks like the old guy has the advantage to the point where it looks like he’s toying around with him. Missing an arm and running out of time, he realizes he has to try one final thing to beat the old guy. Racing at him, he cuts off duck faces legs however, at that moment, duckface drops out of his battle trion body and uses his ring to plow a hole through the old guy, effectively defeating his trion body.

Ugh, I hope he doesn't spit out a baby version of himself in an egg
Ugh, I hope he doesn’t spit out a baby version of himself in an egg


Takes on the bird guy pretty well as he uses the weighted bullets and the birds seem to have no ability to stop them. After a long drawn out battle with him and the teleporting bitch, he manages to get a few good hits in before he’s teleported away.

Ohh....right. that whole "don't use the same strategy twice" thing. well....fuck me
Ohh….right. that whole “don’t use the same strategy twice” thing. well….fuck me

Wet Blanket

Seeing the base in sight, he makes a run for it, but gets stopped by the teleporting woman. However, just like Duckface he turns off his trigger and makes a mad dash for the door. Unfortunately for bird guy his birds have no effect on anything other than trion and he can’t seem to stop him. Teleporter bitch tries, but due to using so much trion on opening the fifteen million holes she’s been opening as well as the damage she took from Miwa, she can’t stop him.

But...Now I can't be an OP piece of crap!
But…Now I can’t be an OP piece of crap!

And so the episode ends with literally 7 seconds to go before the fated time.

Whew. So then….stuff sure did happen these episodes didn’t it? Well…at least the second of the two.

There’s not much to say about the first of these two episodes. A good chunk of the first one revolved around Jin’s flashback with Kyosuke and them sitting around talking. there was a lot more boring posturing and….that’s really about it. There was no big fight resolution or anything for this episode. Honestly I’m glad i’m reviewing two episodes because if it had just been THIS episode i’d have been bored off my ass again.

Luckily for me, episode 34 actually had some real substance. Things happened. The old guy got beaten and it finally showed that bird guy and teleportation chick aren’t completely invincible and how without their trion…they basically kind of suck. Like…a lot. Once he couldn’t use his trion on Wet Blanket he was like “Gah! Damn it i’m useless!” and the teleportation chick’s like “Gah! I’m even MORE useless!” Between the two of them I think they’d have a hard time kicking wet blanket’s ass…oh wait. THEY ARE. hahaha ah…they suck.

Oh yeah. and replica got cut in half. But he got better
Oh yeah. and replica got cut in half. But he got better

I said it before and i’ll say it again. I don’t like the villains in this arc. They’re boring, generic, stupid, have no personality, and……they’re just….dull. There’s been no time where I said “Gee, these are imaginative villains” and every time they lose, they’re just losing their trion bodies temporarily meaning that they’re going to come back again making their defeat really kind of a moot point.

Everyone seems to be getting a real time to shine in this arc, except Konami! Where the fuck is Konami? I mean there were a few scenes in the past with her kicking ass but she like….didn’t have an awesome episode to herself with a flashback or anything. Where’s my Konami episode goddamn it?

Oh well, that being said, the first episode…meh.. it was all right. Nothing special, but the second one actually had some meat. So…at least there’s that. Hopefully next episode will wrap this up. However I’m a bit afraid as they said “7 seconds to go” God…hopefully that doesn’t mean they’re going to drag this out with flashbacks…oh please no. (Sigh) well, here’s hoping.

Episode 33: 5/10

Episode 34:  7/10


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