This episode just showed how much cooler Shirayuki is. Really, that’s all it was. If I had to summarize this episode, it’s this: Shirayuki is a badass and she ain’t afraid of you. So back off.

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This episode consists of a man named Lord Haruka, who just plain doesn’t like Shirayuki and tells Zen that he needs to take more caution with the people he brings into the castle. What on earth can a girl with no social status have anything to do with the prince? He immediately thinks that Shirayuki will only use Zen to her advantage to gain power and everything through him, but of course that isn’t the case. Shirayuki does want to be with Zen in the castle, but she wants to do it with her own strength by taking the test to be a court herbalist. Lord Haruka hires someone to rid of Shirayuki from the castle, creating a fake document saying that “Zen” orders Shirayuki to never enter the castle. Shirayuki overhears this, knows that this is all wrong and goes off to find Zen. I love even when an arrow is shot at her with a note telling her to leave she just keeps running ahead. She’s just so cool, I don’t know man.

Shirayuki took a stand against Lord Haruka, not moving an inch back when the sword pointed towards her. Haruka could see that resolve and fire in her eyes, that he soon came to know that he was completely wrong about her. And that matter is settled. There’s actually not much for me to talk about in this episode. Like I said, it was to show us how badass Shirayuki is and I’m all for it. We know she’s the type of person that will always stand her ground and fight for herself. She wants to gain things from her own power and no one else’s. She’s not someone to mess with, especially that she’s Zen’s friend because he’ll just beat you up too.

Finally we’ll be seeing some herbalist stuff next episode while also meeting that child court herbalist!


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  1. kinghumanity

    I was cheering so hard when Shirayuki completely obliterated the old “bad guys stop girl from seeing boy, girl goes home sad, boy wonders if girl doesn’t like him” trope. She marches in because she sees through bullshit and doesn’t take it from anyone.

    I thought this series would be too girly for my liking, but I’m glad I was wrong.

    1. Berry


  2. Keiko

    Screw that Lord Ruka and that annoying spy Obi! >_< I was damned nervous when Shirayuki was stepping towards that old geezer's sword, but my mind said, "Good Lord that Shirayuki's a one hell cool princess wannabe!" (or technically that is)

    Thou shalt not have any hindrance standing in our red haired gal's way, haha! Shirayuki is love, Shirayuki is life. 😀

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