This last episode of Chaos Dragon kind of left a small feeling of foreboding in regards to this episode. Would every episode from now on be a copout where he makes a new friend only to kill them for his cause? Well, the answer is no. I can’t say the thrills quite match last episode but there was significantly less exposition so that really evened things out.

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The main conflict this episode is Swaellow, I’m assuming they’re trying to invoke the feeling of the bird and not the action, has come to recruit the ‘leader’ of Nil Kamui on an expedition for the Red Dragon. He asked the leader of the revolution but low and behold, more fighting happened. This is because Lady Kohaku is still kicking and determined to get back the Dragon Eye. I will give this episode this, it explained how such impossible pants were possible.

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We learn some important things this episode as the focus falls on Kai, the character who we were sure would die last episode. Being a loved one of Ibuki and having an episode focus on you is not very good, however, and the episode focuses on Kai coming to grips with Mashiro’s death. We see him finally understand it right as he himself dies. We also learn that having a loved one die because he was a failure and could not save them from an enemy counts towards the price of Red Dragon.

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I’m not sure how I feel about that. In one way, it could cheapen that he owes a soul of someone he cares about because he doesn’t actually have to kill them. In another way, they’re still dying and it would probably grow really dull to see him become numb by episode 5 because he has to kill people for his power. While I’m not the most sold on the idea of this counting I can’t say I hate it because in a sense it will keep the meaning of when he actually kills very poignant.

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The fight this episode really was eye opening. I uh. . .did not see Lady Kohaku literally not having legs and her mobile spider type weapons posing as he legs normally. That was actually pretty cool but that outfit just seems impossible even now. We ended on a note that now Ibuki wants to meet the Red Dragon to rid himself of his power.

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So where is this show going? I have no idea! Currently we’ve got a very honest and protagonistic foreigner in the vein of Swaellow, a very callous liar who is clearly manipulating Ibuki for her freakin vampire master, a slave half demon thing, and a bunch of people who are marked for death just by being near Ibuki. I have no idea how this will change. Now that the main generals that were in town to procure the Dragon eye are dead it leaves the question, where do we go from here?

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Hopefully next week has a good answer.



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  1. Tenshi

    Lol, this is unrelated, but for some reason I thought Kai was a girl the whole time before he died XD. (well, not funny that he died but…) I have no clue where I got that idea from. I guess I assumed he was a reverse trap.

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