This episode features probably my favorite new character from Kouran – the sniper general Gakusho. I thought for sure this episode would just be another potential ‘this general dies and Ibuki loses a part of his sanity’ but instead it turns into an actual negotiation. Gakusho is interesting and doesn’t seem nearly as cruel as the general Ibuki killed, but she definitely cares that Ibuki killed her.

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I’m calling it now that this series will probably end with Ibuki having to kill Eyhka to finally bring peace, rendering his heart completely turned to stone and broken but his kingdom finally established. He’d go on to be a good king who would never know true happiness again- or you know he’ll refuse to kill and everyone will get a super bad ending, especially his friends in the Revolution.

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We also get exact confirmation that Swaellow is D’Natia’s representation and that Ka Grava is completely sneaky while also being hilarious. My only worry with this show is I have no idea where it’s going. What’s the content? Ibuki’s going to try to lose the power but he’s going to realize without it he can’t make a difference and the deaths of his friends will be meaningless.

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I’m really just confused as to how the political aspects are going to play. It will be interesting to see but unless Ibuki wants to kill a whole army he can’t completely derail an entire army. I’m also just wondering if characters like Lou are going to remain evil or have one of those change of heart scenes at death. I’m banking on her feeling friendly in the end and going down in a blaze of blood and carnage.

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Overall for once we got a peaceful resolution and if you’re like me the reaction is just like: WTF I have no idea where this is going or what I am doing. What even is this show?? Is all of this signs of it’s potential that will explode, or am I about to watch another show with good characteristics completely fizz out?

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God I hope we find out soon.


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  1. Miriki Takato

    This one is the best episode so far in this series. I was so reluctant at first after watching 2 first episode, because I hate that “killing of the week” vibe. Episode 3 and 4 have saved this series for me, by doing the political aspect of this, and for one Gakusho isn’t just a stupid evil enemy’s general.

    I searched the infor of the source material and you know what? The first 2 episodes didn’t even exist! They are anime orginal! The worst ones.

    Also, it turns our that Ibuki’s objective wasn’t becoming a King, but simply stop the Red Dragon, which makes more sense when he doing all of this. The Revolutinary Army is mostly using Ibuki because he can talk with the Red Dragon. Anime skipped this part and replaced all the shit happening in the first act of the original with that “I kill my friend to gain power”. Ah, Ibuki doesn’t have that contract with Red Dragon too, he just has the sharp sense from gaining power by meeting the dragon before (and a horn).

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