Durarara x2 Ten ~ Episode 16 [Rumors last for 75 days]

A rumor only lasts for seventy-five days. The name of the episode stuck with me, because there are a lot of rumors flying around about Shizuo in this episode. Which isn’t really a good thing, he’s not exactly the type of guy you should be gossiping about. A lot of the rumors are half truths and scattered ideas. Like him being seen with a woman, or with a little girl.
His connections to the mob, and climbing a building with his bare hands.

Also, in this episode we get a lot of Verona. How she’s wanted to see the limits of human strength her entire life and trained herself for that very reason. Now she’s found Shizuo, which has forced her to accept that she is weak. She mus train more, so she can fight Shizuo. He is her prey. He’s also little Akane’s prey, she’s going to be the one to kill Big Brother Shizuo…even if she doesn’t want too.
OMG, so honestly if this episode made me think anything at all, it’s how adorable Shizuo with a family would be. He would totally disagree with me, but seeing him with Akane makes me think he’d be the best Dad.


Also I’ve heard from multiple people that Verona and Shizuo was a popular ship in the fandom, however, up until this episode I couldn’t see any real merit to the pairing. This episode though is like, “Hey, you, do you like shipping fictional characters? Well do I have a pairing for you! We call it the blond ship! It involves a Russian Assassin and a Japanese guy in a Bartender outfit. Now on discount, only 1 half of your soul!”
Not gonna lie, I fan girled pretty hard when she called him senpai! TOO CUTE!


Some major high points of the episode include but are not limited too. Verona kicking the butts of the guys who implied that Tom and Shizuo should whore her out to them.
The part where Akane strikes the guy with the stun gun during the kidnapping attempt. How can you be so cute when tazing someone?! Like how is that even a thing?
The part where Tom smoothly defuses the situation by cutting off the Orihara twins from telling Shizuo about their brothers condition.
These are only a few of the best moments that I can think of off the top of my head, another thing that I enjoy is how each episode connects to the other. In each episode, there is something connecting it to the other episodes. Such as when Verona sees Shizuo and Tom in the Sushi shop, it’s around the same time that Mika and Seiji are there.


I have to laugh at the idea that a rumor only lasts for seventy-five days, particularly since I don’t think any of the rumors about Shizuo are going to vanish any time soon. In particular the ones about his family, his women [Verona] and her child [Akane]. However, don’t even think about trying to use them to mess with Shizuo or the Awakusu group might come after you.
He is the groups illegitimate child after all.


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