What was new about this episode? Nothing. Nothing at all. What happened? Nothing. Just…god I’m so tired. We just get the same stuff that we’ve gotten before. Damashigamis rampant, Sabato being a major dick, characters messing up, romance that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, and Sakura going through a lot of annoying situations with that same dead look on her face.

So Ageha’s sister appears to give Sakura an engagement ring because she thinks she’s worthy enough to marry Rokudou. And with the same gags, Rokudou sinks deeper into poverty as his shitty father used his money to buy the ring. But then in the end Rokudou comes across money and pays it off, as usual. Basically for this whole episode Sakura was being followed and harassed by Damashigami to be tricked into putting on the ring, but she always refuses and can tell which ones are Damashigami now. Before in front of Sabato, she said she wasn’t dating Rokudou and that they were just classmates. Which in turn hurt Rokudou’s feelings. He also clears up the misunderstanding from before with him and Ageha, but things just become worse as in the end Ageha had hugged him from behind when Rokudou saved her from a monster. And then Ageha developed feelings for Rokudou. So now it’s like this: Rokudou has feelings for Sakura, Ageha has feelings for Rokudou, Jumonji has feelings for Sakura, and Sakura pretty much has feelings for Rokudou even though she doesn’t admit it, because she always wonders to herself whether Rokudou has a thing for Ageha. And now we’re in some love…square…thing.

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And it seems we’ll touch on that more next episode. I say Sakura has feelings for Rokudou because she shows some interest in him, I think, even though her zombie face never changes. I’m actually not too familiar with Rumiko Takahashi’s works other than Inuyasha, but I know that the hero and heroine end up together. Somehow. So…sorry Ageha and Jumonji. I don’t know.

So…Ageha knows that her sister is with Rokudou’s crummy father, Sabato is still a piece of shit, the romance has gotten more complicated, and nothing was really achieved this episode which makes it really hard for me to type this out. But that’s it really. We’re halfway through the show and nothing major has really happened, and I don’t think this show is going to take a serious turn. I thought it would with Sabato and the Damashigamis but it really doesn’t look like it will. There hasn’t been character growth and I’m not attached to anyone really, except maybe Jumonji and Masato because they make me laugh.

I’m sleepy.


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  1. Oki

    Do we seriously just not give a shit mutually?

    1. Berry

      Mmmmmmmmmmmmm yup. Yup yup.

      1. Oki

        Ugh I’ll be happy once it’s over. If nothing happens at all I think I would opt out of a season 2.

  2. zztop

    I think the issue here is that Takahashi is clearly writing to suit what her target audience likes, namely silly comedy and odd love triangles. You could compare her style to comfort food which appeals to her homebase’s nostalgia. Safe and welcoming, if lacking creativity.

    1. Berry

      Okay but the comedy isn’t even that good to be honest? Like…I get it, Rokudou is poor, just give the guy a break for once. And yeah I get what she’s doing, but she’s playing it a little too safe. She could have kept the silliness and love crap while also spicing up the plot, or actually give it a plot. It’s just so…drab.

    2. Oki

      Even her fanbase seems a little discontent though. . .

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